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Making the Move: Six Musts Before Moving in With the One You Love

If you have finally decided to cohabitate with your loved one, you should certainly consider a few ideas before you move into your new home. You are initiating a new beginning, and it is beneficial to seek the assistance of licensed real estate professionals to help you and the one you love find the perfect home. By letting agents in real estate assist you with locating and securing you home, you will have the opportunity to make informed decisions. In addition to finding the best home environment, consider creating a verbal agreement with the other person regarding the physical layout of the interior of the home as well as other important concerns.
Moving in with the one you love? Check out these tips to make it a success.

1. Space

Choose the architecture of your home before beginning the search. Consider the various elements of each type of home, and whether you want a sizable amount of space in one room versus other rooms of the home. You and your loved one may also desire a comfortable environment of outdoor space with a spacious patio and a beautiful lawn. This stage of the process is the most important one to seek the assistance of professional letting agents or real estate experts.

2. Common Theme

Define your overall personality and character of the home. The interior of your home should exude a brightness and elegant nature. You and your spouse may have similar tastes in the way you want your home environment to look. But, it is important to develop an inviting quality of décor in your home. For instance, many newlyweds desire to create a home environment that brings out a youthful and vibrant feeling.

3. Furniture

Agree upon unique styles of furniture. There are different styles of furniture that appeal to like-minded individuals, and it is important create a theme for the style of your home. There are contemporary, classic, country, traditional and eclectic styles of furniture. Each style brings out a certain atmosphere when you walk into the room.

4. Color

Decide upon harmonizing colors. The color of your walls in each room should complement the furniture styles and the colors of the furniture. For instance, if you plan to decorate your home with a country style, your wall colors should also be bright and exude a countryside environment.

5. Minimize

Do not equip your home with too many items. This can potentially cause you and your lover to dwell in a very overcrowded and chaotic home environment. Be sure to leave more than enough space to maintain an organized and peaceful dwelling. Your home should be well furnished, but it should also promote a sense of harmony and balance.

6. Set Expectations

Create the rules for the home before moving in with the one you love. Communication is an effective way to get a clear understanding of your intentions as well as your loved one’s intentions. Knowing who will shoulder which responsibilities up front can save you from potential disagreements down the road.

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