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Masters of Disaster: How to Keep Your Home Clean with Small Children

The importance of keeping your home clean at all times cannot be denied. While it takes a lot of work to make your home clutter-free and tidy, a clean home will enhance the health and well-being of your entire family. However, having kids in the home will make the process of managing household duties more difficult. If you are to make your work easier, you should start by accepting that your house will never be completely clean. Having realistic expectations will help you to keep your sanity and maintain a clean home.

Make Kids Part of the Cleaning Solution

From the time your kids start crawling and pulling things around, you may find it difficult to keep your house neat and orderly. However, this does not mean that it cannot still be a home. Rather than seeing them as part of the problem, you should consider making them part of the cleaning solution. Once they are done throwing around blocks, games and toys, you can work with the kids to pick them up and ensure they are organized.

Make Housework Fun

If you are to involve your kids in doing chores, you may want to make housework fun and exciting. You can choose to have a cleaning contest where the child who cleans quickest and most thoroughly gets a treat. You may also make cleaning a game so that the young ones will view it as a fun activity rather than a chore. In this way, your kids will enjoy spending time with you. Turning the cleaning exercise into a singing and dancing party will also let your children learn how to clean properly.

Less Stuff Means Less Cleaning

In order to make cleaning easier and less-stressful, you should ensure that you have less stuff in your home. On your part, you could start by purchasing fewer things for the household. When it comes to the young ones, storing toys in covered bins will help to keep them under control, effectively ensuring less clutter. You should also think about making picking up a habit.

Organize Well

If toys do not have a specific place where they should be stored, they will end up under the sofas, on the kitchen counter or scattered all over the house. In order to make sure that your home remains organized, you should have designated places for toys. This will make it easy for everyone to know where everything belongs when cleaning up.

Set Rules for Vacuuming

Using the right cleaning equipment will go far in making it easy for you to clean your home. This is why you should use a wet dry vacuum cleaner that will not only be fast and efficient but will also deodorize your home. However, you should also set rules for vacuuming. Make sure your small children understand that whatever item the vacuum touches will either be tossed in the trash or get sucked up.

Use a Reward System

Just like anybody else, your kids will feel great when their efforts are recognized. This is why you should consider using a reward system to encourage them to improve and do better next time. Instead of pointing out what they did wrong and redoing the tasks, you should guide them on how to clean the space. It would also be important to praise your children and show your appreciation for their help.

Rather than cleaning during nap time, you should use this free time for self-care. You should also consider allowing for times of rest once you have cleaned the home. In the end, you will be teaching your kids how to do chores as well as the importance of keeping their surroundings clean.

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