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Modest vs. Cool – 5 Parenting Tips for Parents with Teenage Daughters

Many parents dread the teenage years of their children’s lives. We often associate this time with rebellion, attitude and mischief. However, with the right parenting style, you can find yourself closer to your teenage daughter than ever. These five tips will help you instil the value of modesty and respect in your daughter’s life.

Appreciate Your Daughter for Who She Is
Many young women find themselves confused about their identities during these years. Realize it is natural for your daughter to want to express herself. By showing her you value her as a person, she’ll be less likely to objectify herself through clothing and other means. Give sincere compliments and listen to her thoughts to increase her self-esteem. Appreciate her efforts to express her personality while wearing modest clothing.

Practice What You Preach
Teenagers are easily annoyed by hypocrisy. It’s difficult to expect your daughter to avoid cigarettes if you smoke. Take a look at your habits. If you’re doing anything you wouldn’t want your daughter to do, start practicing what you preach. You’ll earn the respect of your child as well.

Give Her Opportunities to Succeed
It’s important to come from a place of positivity while parenting whenever possible. If you believe your daughter will follow the rules, she’ll be less likely to break them. How so? Most people are attracted to optimism. Keep things up-beat and your daughter is likely to follow your lead.

Be Willing to Forgive and Forget
Bringing up past mistakes will only harm your relationship. Your daughter will be more likely to confide in you and share her thoughts if she can trust you. When your child breaks a rule, give an appropriate punishment. Once she has apologized, do your best to let it go. Holding onto to old hurts will deepen the distance between you two.

Work as a Team with Your Spouse
If you and your spouse work as a team, it’ll be much easier to present a united front. Teenagers often seek to manipulate their parents to get what they desire. Let your child know this method won’t work. Stand firm with your spouse whenever possible. By doing so, your daughter will also learn the importance of a united partnership in marriage.

Finally, spend quality time with your daughter. You’ll create lasting memories and strengthen your relationship. Allow these five tips to guide your parenting style to reduce conflict.


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