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Mommy Magic: How Every Mother Can Make a Fashion Statement

If you are a mother, then you don’t have a lot of time for making a fashion statement, so it is essential to plan ahead of time to look your best for any occasion. Here is an assortment of tips for looking fantastic despite having children.

Find the Best Colors for Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

While your best friend might look fantastic in lemon yellow or lime green, you can look horrible in these colors of garments. Determine what colors look fantastic with your skin tone and hair color so that you will look beautiful in your slacks, sweaters or T-shirts. Have some basic outfits for different functions so that you can dress quickly for a visit with a child’s teacher or going to a friend’s baby shower. Some of the best basic outfits will include a black jacket, skirt or pants combined with a pastel or brightly colored blouse.

Dress for Your Age Group

Make sure to avoid embarrassing your children with age inappropriate clothing such as extremely short skirts or dresses with long slits up the thigh. In addition, don’t wear low-cut necklines when you are in public or visiting your child’s school. These guidelines don’t mean that you must dress as if you are a fuddy-duddy because there are still great ways to look youthful and vibrant. You won’t want to have clothing that requires constant washing and ironing. Choose garments that are easy to wash and dry, and also, avoid clothing that requires a lot of ironing to remove wrinkles. While 100 percent cotton or linen garments are cool to wear in the summer, clothing made from these materials will become a wrinkled mess when you are sitting down in a vehicle.

Learn How to Mix and Match Clothing

If you can learn how to mix and match the clothing in your closet, then you will look like you have hundreds of different outfits. You can practice coordinating outfits by hanging things together on a hanger before standing back to look at it. When you select a lot of clothing in similar colors, it is easier to mix and match your clothing to create a new look with the same shirts, skirts, and slacks. It is important to understand the latest trends in fashions from Utah boutiques so that you can add new inexpensive garments to your wardrobe. Most parents don’t have a lot of money to spend on designer clothing, but you can find low-cost copies of garments at some stores. If you buy a trendy garment, then make sure to consider how often you can wear it to get your money’s worth.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Choose a hairstyle that is simple to maintain so that you won’t need to spend many hours curling or straightening your hair each day. If you choose a versatile hairstyle, then you can add a barrette or headband to keep your hair from falling in your face. You can also learn how to create up-do hairstyles to keep your hair off your face when the weather is hot.

Use Jewelry to Accessorize

Whatever type of outfit that you wear, jewelry can make you look better. It is important to select earrings, necklaces or bracelets that look appropriate with your garments and the occasion that you are attending. If you choose classic metallic jewelry made in gold or silver tones, then the items will look fantastic with your outfits for many years. If you want to own some trending jewelry styles, then select affordable costume jewelry items that are made from plastic or basic metals.

If you want to get dressed quickly for special events or everyday occasions, then make sure to organize your closets. Have garments arranged by type or color so that you can find the items required each day in only a few minutes.

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