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Moms of Preemies: 4 Signs of Medical Malpractice to be Aware of

If you just welcomed an adorable bundle of joy into the world, you probably feel both excited and exhausted. That doesn’t mean you should ignore potential signs of medical malpractice, however. If you just gave birth to a premature baby and are concerned that malpractice may have occurred, legal guidance is a must. Birth injuries can affect everything from the muscles to the brain and beyond.

Moms of Preemies 4 Signs of Medical Malpractice to Be Aware Of

The Need for Resuscitation

If your baby required resuscitation, he or she may have experienced a birth injury that was the result of medical malpractice. Although premature babies are particularly vulnerable to breathing issues straight after birth, breathing issues can sometimes signify negligent medical care.

Low Umbilical Cord Blood pH

If your baby came into the world with a low umbilical cord blood pH, a birth injury (and medical malpractice) could be responsible. If this pH level was low, it could mean that your baby lacked sufficient oxygen during the delivery process. A lack of oxygen can be extremely hazardous to babies. It can sometimes even trigger neurological damage for life.

Neurological Damage

Permanent neurological damage in and of itself is occasionally an indication of medical malpractice in the delivery of babies. If a child has a congenital disorder such as cerebral palsy, a birth injury could be to blame. Injuries that started with insufficient medical attention during the birthing process can sometimes lead to neurological damage and conditions like cerebral palsy. A birth injury lawyer from a firm like Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. can help you determine if your baby’s neurological damage was caused by malpractice in any way.

Forceps and Damage

If your doctor employed forceps when he was delivering your baby, the instrument could have brought on your little one’s birth injury. Forceps can cause a lot of potential damage to babies. They can sometimes trigger nerve damage and ultimately facial palsy, harm to the brain and seizures, for example. This can occur when doctors do not use forceps in their appropriate manners. Problems with forceps use can sometimes even bring on skull fractures in babies.

If you have a premature baby (or any kind of baby, for that matter) and suspect medical malpractice for whatever reason, don’t simply ignore your feeling. Get in contact with a reputable birth injury attorney as soon as possible. It’s important to make sure that your baby’s premature birth was in no way related to your doctor’s negligence, too. Premature babies are susceptible to a wide range of diverse medical problems. Examples of these medical problems are respiratory distress syndrome, hydrocephalus, preiventricular leukomalacia, intraventricular hemorrhages and Bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Premature babies are also frequently susceptible to intestinal troubles.


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