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Moving On A Budget: How To Save On Moving Expenses

Whether it involves moving just down the street or across the state lines, not a lot of people enjoy moving. The piles of moving boxes and the hours spent packing can dig deep into one’s wallet, and sanity.

The reality is that moving can be expensive, and due to a person’s disorganization and panic they, usually overlook obvious steps that can help them save money on moving. If you are thinking about moving on a budget, you can consider these tips to lower your moving expenses.

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Packing: Moving means you are packing everything you have and transporting them in another location. This is enough to send anyone into a panic. You never realize how much stuff you own until you start to pack. As a tip, you should securely pack your belongings to make sure that they stay in excellent condition. For this reason, you need to have enough packing materials, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

  • Collect Packing Materials: While you are planning your move, you should start collecting packing materials. You can ask for old boxes from your local supermarket or from your office. You can also ask your friends and neighbors if they have spare boxes, old milk crates, or other packing materials.
  • Never Pay For Boxes: Other sources of durable boxes include hospitals and laboratories. The chemicals and medicine supplies need high-quality and double-walled boxes; therefore, you can be assured of the boxes’ quality.

Yard Sale: Moving is an excellent time to purge your stuff; therefore, you should place the items you seldom or never use in a different box. US Storage Centers, a storage facility in New Jersey, suggests selling items you don’t want and need even before you consider giving them away. Holding a yard sale can help you earn some cash which can be used for your moving expenses. In addition, selling your stuff will reduce the time, stress, and hassle of moving unwanted items.

Hire Professional Movers: Professional movers can help reduce the amount of time it takes to move. They can also make sure that your belongings are safe and in good shape. However, hiring them will cost money. Here’s how you can save:

  • Compare Bids: If you plan to hire professional movers, you need to get at least three bids from different companies.
  • Hire For Speed: If you are moving to a location near you, the moving company will probably charge you by the hour. Unfortunately, there are movers who take their sweet time to move your things so that they can charge you higher. For this reason, you need to read reviews about the company, and pay attention to the feedback of former clients regarding the speed of the movers.
  • Consider Insurance: In most states, the mover’s liability for the loss or damage of your possession is very limited. For this reason, you need to know your options so that you can get better coverage through your mover.

Trucks And Storage: If you believe that doing the move yourself will help you save more, you should enlist the help of family members and friends. In addition, you will need to rent a truck. You will also need a storage unit, especially if you are moving to a smaller house. For DIY moving, you should consider your physical limitations as well. Remember that an injured back will cost more than hiring a moving company.

  • Talk To Your Real Estate Agent: There are some agencies that can provide you with their own truck- free of charge.
  • Storage Unit Rental: If you need to place some of your belongings in storage, you should look into different storage services. These companies can offer excellent deals and discounts that can help you save a lot of money.

The author, Kris Lim, is a financial adviser who offers money-saving tips. Listed in this article are a few tips for moving on a budget.

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