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Moving the Fam? 4 Ways to Make it More Straightforward

No matter the size of your family or how well its members get along, moving a group of people often puts a strain on relationships because of stress related to trying to carry out the move without incident. A disorganized move can create even higher stress levels. Resulting disagreements often cause people who care about one another to hold onto anger, frustration and hurt feelings for days and sometimes months afterward. Make your family move as uncomplicated as possible by following these four steps.

Research Your Moving Options

Always choose the most convenient moving method instead of merely the cheapest. Plenty of cheap options quickly turn a move into a nightmare. For example, you and your family might decide to perform the move from start to finish without a moving van or assistance from professional movers. With this moving option, higher stress levels and disagreements can result when family members who show up early to help, do the heavy lifting or drive feel under-appreciated or that they should take control of the process. Although you might pay more ultimately money-wise for partial or complete assistance from a respected moving company, you won’t have to deal with as many management and labor problems and damaged relationships.

Find an Educated Realtor

Beyond helping you to pick a nice residence in a great neighborhood, an educated realtor can typically connect you with movers that offer the best deals. They can also point out the best places to pick up inexpensive moving supplies. Some companies, like Success Path BBB, know that realtors even direct their clients to online coupons for certain moving-related products and services and special or exclusive moving deals. Whether you’re driving, flying or moving by some other means of transport, a realtor usually also knows the most common inexpensive resources along the way that can help you during rest stops and emergencies like excellent, low-cost dining establishments, mechanics and vehicle rental shops. An educated realtor typically also provides a thorough list of things to remember to do before, during and after the move, as well as a helpful moving tips and tricks guide.

Make a Detailed Plan

One of the biggest causes of a “bad” move is a lack of forethought and planning. A moving plan should cover more than the basics of going from Point A to Point B. Plan every aspect of the move from the specific packing materials you need for different types of items during the packing stage to methods for saving money on meals during the initial unpacking and settling in stage. Include an easy-to-follow system for telling family members or movers where to take each box at your new home so that you don’t waste time dealing with confusion, accidents and disagreements. You should also have a secondary plan to deal with various common moving emergency scenarios, such as inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns and back injuries. Don’t forget to plan to take out enough cash at least two days before the move to cover basic needs and emergencies in regions where merchants don’t take credit and debit cards.

Stick to the Plan

This tip might seem like common sense, but many people make fantastic moving plans and then let those plans fall apart during the rush of the actual move. Create a buddy system where another person holds you accountable for sticking with the plan and reviews it with you through each stage of the journey. If you don’t want the responsibility, delegate the management of the move and the plan to someone else.

Overthinking a family move is never a bad thing. Your extensive preparations can help make the move a more organized and pleasant experience for you and your family.

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