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Moving the Fam Elsewhere? 4 Ways to Make it Simple

Moving to a new place may seem like a complex task. You may have a miles-long list of things to do. These four tips will help to simplify your move.

Make a Timeline

For a simple move free of snafus, make a timeline. Your timeline should include activities such as setting up new utilities, signing a lease, scheduling the moving truck and getting your mail forwarded. The timeline will break down each step of what you need to do so that the process does not seem overwhelming.

Get Rid of Clutter

When you are preparing for a move, there may be items around your current place that are broken, damaged or no longer used. Instead of spending the time and money to transport those items and then trying to find a place to put them in your new home, now is the time to properly dispose of them. Broken items can be put into a rented dumpster. Damaged items can be sent for repairs or put into the dumpster. Reusable items that you no longer want could be sold in a moving sale, listed in online sales and auction sites or donated to the charity of your choice. Be sure to get a receipt for tax purposes if you donate to charity.

Work With a Realtor

A realtor is a licensed real estate agent who specializes in helping people to enjoy a successful move. Working with a realtor can help you to sell your existing home as quickly as possible and for a great price. Professionals, such as those at Fischer Homes, know that you can also work with a realtor to find a new home or rental for you and your family. Your realtor will help you to prioritize amenities such as covered parking, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and creature comforts such as central air conditioning.

Hiring Movers

Gathering moving boxes, labels and packing tape, packing up all of your belongings, loading the boxes and your furniture into a truck, driving, unloading and packing is a complicated process. Instead of trying to do this all yourself, consider hiring movers. Even if the movers just do the loading, driving and unloading, this will save you a lot of work and time. You can also hire full-service movers who will do the packing, labeling and unpacking for you.

Delegating the work of a move helps to simplify things. Your realtor and movers can do a lot of the work for you. Staying organized also eases the moving process.

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