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Moving Tips: What Your Family Needs To Do Before Moving To A New House

Whenever you are thinking of moving with your entire family to a new home, there are a few tips to consider prior to the big day to eliminate stress while making the move as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving within the same city or out of state, preparing your family for any move you have planned is the best way to ensure the transition is easy and painless.

Rid Clutter From Your Home

Before you start packing, get rid of all the extra clutter you really don’t need. If you don’t like it taking us space in your home now, you certainly wouldn’t want to bring it with you to your new home. The, start packing all the extras on the counters and shelves into boxing. Getting your home clear of all the extra nick-knacks will help make the rest of the packing process easier.

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Create an Inventory List

Create an inventory list for each room in your home, including the most important items and belongings you have in each to keep better track of what you own once you have moved. In addition to your list, tape a small list of items that are included in each box onto the boxes to help you know what’s packed and what’s left.

Label Your Boxes Properly

Labeling all of your boxes with the destination of each box along with contents can help to save time when unpacking. Use colored tape, different fonts or even pictures to help you quickly label boxes. This will make it much easier to move the boxes into the right rooms and unpack easily.

Consider Using a Storage Unit

Consider using a storage unit prior to moving or even on the day of the move to transport furniture and belongings that you are not planning to use in your new home. Renting a storage unit is affordable and can often be done on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your needs, says the professionals at The Self Storage Place. Whether you are looking for a small, personal storage unit or if you are more interested in a storage unit for multiple rooms of furniture and even vehicles, seeking out storage units can be done locally and online.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Consider the option of hiring a professional moving company if you are need help with moving your furniture, unpacking and even reassembling your furniture. Professional movers are both licensed insured, and they can get your belongings moved safely and efficiently.

Switch Utilities

Prior to your moving day, be sure to call all of your utility providers to switch the billing and service address from the services you are currently using, including electricity, gas, water and even cable and Internet services. It’s important to have this done before the move so that you can have everything working as soon as you move in.

Knowing how to prepare for a move with your family is a way to rid stress before the move while ensuring you have everything in place in order to settle into your new home. The more time you take to prepare for the move, the less likely you are to run into snags and difficulties once the big moving day arrives.

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