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Moving Up: Five Features to Include in Your Family’s New House

moving-up-five-features-to-include-in-your-familys-new-houseWhen building a new home or purchasing a newly built property, there are several features to choose from so you can create a setting to enjoy for the long-term. Today’s trends in home features include technological improvements, space saving additions, and more. To ensure you create a functional and efficient home, there are a few important features to add to your property. Take a look at these options for a more modern home.

Home Automation
Home automation systems make it easy to have more control over your entire house. They allow you to lock your doors, adjust your lights, and monitor the property with surveillance cameras from your smartphone or tablet. You can increase your home security and keep a close eye on the property when you’re away with the latest technology available. This is also a great way to save on energy bills and to keep everyone in the family connected no matter where you are.

Green Appliances
More people are looking to have green appliances in their home to reduce their energy usage throughout the year for added savings. Using energy-efficient appliances can reduce your carbon footprint and save hundreds of dollars annually. Opt for Energy Star appliances to obtain additional tax advantages through these options. Also look for green or reused material if you are building your own house.

Large Kitchen Islands
Kitchen islands continue to remain a popular feature in homes and are becoming more and more versatile. Those who are working with a home building company can request that the island includes a beautiful counter option and sink where food can be prepped with additional storage available underneath. The island can also include a seating area where you can entertain guests.

Home Office
Telecommuting for a job or even your own businesses is something a lot of Americans do, making home offices a common feature. Include a home office or study in your house that has plenty of outlets and a few to the outdoors. The home office has replaced the dining room in many newer home models.

Two-Car Garages
Although three-car garages became popular in the past decade, more people are going back to two-car garages. Include plenty of storage options where you can keep tools, sporting equipment, or holiday decorations to free up space on the floor.

When you’re planning on moving up and getting a new home, it’s important to think about the features that you’ll need on the property. By considering the latest trends and your long-term needs, you can create a functional setting that is specific to your lifestyle and will make it easy to feel at home.

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