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Moving With Kids: How to Make the New Home Familiar

Children usually have a certain amount of apprehension when it comes to moving to a new home in a unfamiliar location. They may feel some sadness about leaving their friends and the house they feel comfortable in. As a parent, there are several things you can do to make the transition less stressful for everyone.

Before the Move

If possible, before moving day, take the kids to the town you’ll be moving to. Let them see that in many ways one town is just like another. The new area probably has some of their favorite stores and restaurants. Drive by the house you’ll be moving into. That will give them a visual connection to the house. Be sure to point out all of the fun and interesting things to near the house and in the new town.

Moving In

Have a box packed and labeled Open First. Fill the box with some of your kid’s favorite toys and clothes. You might even want to include a special new toy or accessory for new their bedroom. Let them have some input in decorating their room. You may want to create a bedroom much like the one your child had in the other house, or the two of you may decide something totally different would be a good way to celebrate a new beginning.

Set an Example

If your child or children sense that you feel comfortable in your new home, they will also feel more secure there. You can increase your confidence in the safety and security of your home by making McAllen home security one of the first businesses you make contact with after moving into your new home. Vivint in Grand Prairie, TX offers a home automation system and energy management system that can improve the security of your home as well as help you with managing the energy cost in your new home. This can help you feel more comfortable and at ease when you transition to your new place.


Moving can be an emotionally difficult time for a child. Let them talk about their feelings. You may want to make a memory wall in their room where they can hang photos of friends and places they have fond memories of. New friends and new memories will be made as time goes by.

In the new house, follow the same routines you had in the previous house. Decorate your kid’s room with familiar items, at least temporarily. Show them how relaxed and comfortable you feel in your new home. Make sure they know the move is going to be positive and let them find new ways to grow and make friends.

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