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Need to Move? How to Get Your Kids Excited About This Big Change

Moving into a new home far from your current residence can be stressful and challenging for you as an adult, and it can be even more emotionally taxing on children. Children may not be as involved in the relocation process, and their minds can easily race as they examine what-if scenarios in their heads. In addition, they may be so focused on what they are leaving behind that they cannot focus on the benefits associated with relocating. These tips can help you to get your kids on board with and even excited about moving.

Involve Your Children in the House Hunting Process

If you have not already selected a new place to live, you can include your kids in the house hunting process. The ultimate decision about where you live will certainly be up to you, but your kids may find it fun to look at different houses and to imagine the possibilities. This can also calm some fears about what their new lifestyle may be like after the move.

One thing you can do is have your kids look at a variety of houses online. Then, have them choose a house that they’d like to visit when you go tour houses as a family. Of course, you may not end up picking the house that they wanted to look at. Yet, this will cause some excitement and help them feel involved and like they have a say.

Learn About Attractions and Hot Spots in Your New Hometown

For those who are moving to a new town, you may explore different attractions and hot spots in your new location. Spend time searching the Internet for fun things to do. Talk about exploring a new attraction each weekend or two, and get your kids excited about enjoying new experiences.

Visit the New School, If Possible

One of your child’s most significant concerns may be about attending a new school. If possible, visit the school during regular school hours so that he or she can see how friendly teachers are and how well-behaved and fun the kids may be. A school tour can also get the child comfortable with spending his or her days in a new location.

Calm Anxieties About the Moving Process

If this is your child’s first major move or the first move in several years, talking to your child about the moving process may be helpful. Depending on your child’s age, talk about how well-cared for your pets will be during the transition, such as if they will be riding in the car with you to the new home. Talk about how all of your child’s belongings will be packed up and will then be unpacked in the new home. There is not a concern about the child losing cherished possessions in the move.

It is understandable that your kids could be less than enthused about the prospect of moving. However, when you focus your attention on these tips, you may be able to calm fears and even get your children excited about the wonderful new experiences in store for them.

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