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Neighborhood Hangout: How to Create a Kid-Friendly Backyard

You may have grandiose dreams of becoming the neighborhood hangout. When you have a kid-friendly backyard, kids will gravitate towards your home to play. This is to your benefit because you can keep a close eye on them. There are a few things you can do to create the ultimate backyard for kids. 

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Grass

Grass is an important component for your backyard because it’s soft. Kids are bound to run. If they fall, they’re less likely to get hurt if they fall on grass as opposed to rocks or concrete. Toddlers will love to feel the blades of grass in their fingers while older ones will feel more comfortable running around barefoot if there’s plenty of grass around.

Add Some Play Equipment

You should plan to add some play equipment so that kids have a way to stay active and use their imaginations in the outdoors. When you have the best swings, slides, and other fun in your backyard, you’ll find that more kids will want to visit. Be sure that the equipment is well-made so that there are no safety issues. You can even have equipment built to your specifications so that it fills as much of the backyard as you desire.

Safeguard Your Pool

If you have a pool (or you’re thinking of adding one), you need to make sure you keep it safe. By following some pool safety tips, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting injured. You should have a fence around the pool so that no one falls in by accident. It’s also important to have rescue equipment nearby, such as a life hook or life ring, floatation devices, and more. That way, if someone does fall in, you can get them out as quickly as possible. Pools are fun and often a big draw for kids and their friends. However, if you have one, safety measures need to be taken to ensure everyone stays safe while around and in your pool.

Appeal to the Senses

Consider having plenty of sensory toys so that you can appeal to kids of all ages. For example, you may want a sandbox or a water table for younger kids. Older kids will want to climb and explore a jungle gym. Focus on touch, sight, and even sound. You can always add a wireless speaker to play music so that the kids can have some added fun when they’re in the backyard. Be sure to include your kids in the decisions to make sure your investments will be used and appreciated instead of left alone in the backyard.

If you add a little bit of creativity to your backyard design, it can be just what kids want to see and explore. Keep anything that isn’t kid-friendly out of the way or protected. You’ll soon find more and more kids—especially your own—wanting to hang out at your house because it’s the one with the cool backyard.

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