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New in Town? A Short Guide to Picking a New Dentist

When moving to a new town, you need to get acquainted with a different environment. For instance, you’ll be looking into finding a new grocery store, new hangout spots, and new friends. One of the most crucial things to do is find a dentist. Your health is of the utmost importance, and that extends to your teeth as well. Here are four tips for picking a new dentist.


When looking for a new dentist, you need to take out all the stops in order to find the best one possible. You can’t afford to choose one that is below par. Look for references online. Search for dentists in your area and see which ones have the best references and the best credentials. A dentist needs to be qualified in order for you to trust them with your teeth. There’s a very big gap in the difference between a good dentist and a not-so-good one. Researching as thoroughly as possible is key to finding a dentist that you trust.

Ask around

You’re not the only one in town who goes to a dentist. Since you’re new in town, you’ll want to ask around about good dentists in the area. You should also make sure you ask pointed questions. Just asking someone about their dentist isn’t going to give you much information.

Have them tell you about why they like their dentist and what sort of procedures they’ve had them perform. For instance, if you’re anticipating needing a tooth pulled or having a root canal, you might ask someone who has had any of those procedures performed. If you hear of one dentist whose name consistently comes up, you should definitely consider booking an appointment with them.


It’s hard to tell exactly how much you like a dentist until you try one out. Typically, dentist visits are for having your teeth cleaned. So, if you’re wondering what dentist is worth your time, you should find one who seems qualified. A cleaning is a fairly standard procedure that gives you a good indication of how your dentist is.

If you schedule a cleaning with a dentist and find that they are to your liking, you should continue making appointments with them. On the other hand, if you have some kind of grievance or apprehension about them, you should consider looking elsewhere. You deserve to have a dentist who you trust and have a first-hand experience with.

Good Rapport

Any medical professional should have a decent bedside manner. While a dentist might not need to have as much sympathy as a doctor tending to patients in a hospital, they should still have a sense of support and comfort. Going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for many people. Therefore, it’s crucial for your dentist to understand how to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Your dentist should also have a pleasing personality and not be easily agitated or frustrated. You want them to be able to assure you that they are comfortable performing any procedure and that they are happy to help you with your dental needs.

Hopefully this has given you a great idea of how to choose a new dentist. As a citizen in a new town, you might feel yourself feeling overwhelmed about how to choose your dentist. Following these tips should help you get stated. Remember to look for names you recognize. Often a good dentist like Dr. James Shaheen or someone similar will advertise themselves well. Your best help will always be the recommendations of other families in the area.

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