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New Teen Driver: 5 Must-Follow Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Throughout the years, you have taught your child many lessons, and among these, safe driving practices will be one of the most important. While learning to drive represents a major milestone for your teenager, you know that they have a long way to go before they are ready to drive independently. If your teen is ready to sit behind the wheel to begin learning the ropes, here are five must-follow tips for making sure they are safe on the road.

Teaching your teen safe driving habits is important to their success as a driver.

Discuss the Safety Features of Your Vehicle

Before letting your teen take over the keys, spend a few minutes discussing the safety features of your vehicle. Talk about the various warning lights such as the one that reminds the driver to make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt. Then, practice turning on and off the headlights, hazard lights and turn signals while explaining the importance of each one.

Always Enforce Limits on Distractions

Teenage drivers and distractions can be a dangerous combination. Make sure your teen knows the rules about leaving their cell phone turned off while driving. Additionally, limit the number of passengers allowed in the car while your teenager is learning how to drive.

Practice Driving in a Variety of Conditions

Once they have earned their driver’s license, your teenager may encounter many different situations on the road. After they are comfortable driving in standard conditions, be sure to also practice driving at night and in inclement weather. By learning how to maneuver through hazardous road conditions under your watchful eye, they will be prepared when they eventually drive through such conditions on their own.

Teach Them to Perform Simple Maintenance Checks

Every driver should know how to do simple checks to make sure their car is maintained and safe for operating on the road. Demonstrate how to check the wheels and tires for signs of damage, if they’re unsure though, they can visit vendors such as to inquire about tires. Then, have them visually inspect the area around the car to make sure nothing is amiss before driving the vehicle.

Cover What to Do in an Accident

Teenagers who are involved in an accident are likely to be frightened and unsure of how to handle the situation. Be sure your teen knows to move their car to a safe location if possible and call for help. Additionally, explain to them the importance of exchanging information with the other driver to make sure the accident is handled appropriately.

Although your teen is probably anxious to get started driving, it is important to make sure they understand the responsibilities that come with operating a vehicle. By teaching your child how to perform routine maintenance checks and follow proper safety protocol, you can be sure they will be equipped with the knowledge they need to drive safely before and after earning their license.

This piece was written by avid home and family blogger, Rianne Hunter, in cooperation with Rhett Stone.

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