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Nice Pipes: Why ‘Singing’ Plumbing Is Bad for Your House

Regardless of whether you live in an older or a newer home, you may notice incredible sounds when your pipes are being used. These sounds may occur when your washing machine draws water through the pipes, when you initially turn the shower on or at many other times. Unfortunately, these sounds are not music to most homeowners’ ears. In addition to being irritating, they may be signs of potentially serious issues that should be diagnosed and addressed by a plumber as soon as possible.

Pipe Movement

You may hear a rattling or banging sound when water runs through your pipes. Your home’s pipes are typically secured by brackets that are adhered to the frame of the home or other structural features. When these brackets or other securing mechanisms are not firmly in place, movement can occur. While this may not seem like a serious issue, pipe movement can result in significant damage over time.

Aging Pipes

Some materials that pipes are made out of can deteriorate significantly over time. In some instances, a small hole in a pipe can allow air in, and this results in a whistling sound or other unpleasant sounds. It can also cause a small, hidden leak that should be addressed as soon as possible. While a plumber may patch the damage, this may be a sign that your home’s plumbing system needs to be updated. Remember, quality plumbing may be costly in the short term but will absolutely save you money in the long run.

Damaged Washers

When washers connected to your home’s water valves and pipes are worn out or loose, a common sound is squeaking or squealing. This most commonly occurs near the washing machine’s water line, but the sound may also be heard elsewhere. Replacing the damaged washer is an easy task to complete, and it may prevent a significant water leak situation from developing in the future.

Toilet Usage

You may also notice unusual and loud sounds when you flush the toilet or when the toilet’s tank is filling up with water. The equipment inside the tank can age and may eventually deteriorate. These sounds are one of the many signs that may indicate the need to replace the toilet’s inner mechanisms. This may prevent future issues with the toilet as well.

While some noisy plumbing issues may not immediately be causing damage, you can see that they could lead to serious damage if they are not dealt with by a professional. Now is the time to schedule a diagnostic and repair service with your trusted plumbing expert.

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