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Nomadic Life: Tips to Become More Self-Sufficient

The feeling of freedom is different for many people, and this generation has come to find that their expression of freedom sometimes comes in a lifestyle that can be experienced wherever it takes you. Securing the American Dream appears much different to this nomadic group because they are not interested in finishing college and diving into a 30-year mortgage. A life with no plans to settle down anytime soon has led many younger kids to adopt a more mobile lifestyle.

Nomadic “hunter-gatherer” tribes come straight out of the history books. Thousands of years ago, they spent their lives following the animals they hunted while living in the tents they carried with them. The 21st-century nomads have the same perspective with a modern twist; they are camping or renting their living spaces and enjoying the environment. They are nomads with a sense of destiny. Here are some tips for making your mobile lifestyle work with ease.


Technology plays a huge part in the 21st-century nomads because computers allow the travelers to think out of the box. They do not need an address, they can work from their cars, coffee shops, or wherever they happen to be. Marketing or writing as a freelancer is simple and easy as long as you can find a wi-fi signal. The internet has added to this lifestyle tremendously, allowing job and working freedom.

Sacrifice or Priorities

As a new-age vagabond, there are things you must sacrifice. If having the freedom to live wherever you want is a passion, you will have to prioritize your life and your belongings to determine what you can keep and what you must give up. This is not really a sacrifice, but a choice to live the life where you will be happy and fulfilled. Tiny homes is a new trend that takes this concept to a new level. Nomadic travelers can live in a tiny space, usually on wheels that incorporates everything they need. They live light and purge their tiny homes and space of anything not useful. It also stems from a need to reduce waste, space, and money.

Living Frugally

Keeping a simplistic mindset is the best advice for living frugally. The concept is to spend less than what you earn so you can use the difference for your next move. Consuming less and looking for the most inexpensive products when you do shop are key components. Refraining from the party atmosphere and consuming as little as possible resembles a simplistic or minimalist mindset. It simply goes back to prioritizing. If you travel with your house, you’ll need to make enough for gas money and travel expenses. If you want to spend less here, perhaps only fueling a motorcycle and living light off the fringes of different towns might be a better option.

The shift from traditional employment and permanent housing is intoxicating to those who prefer this kind of freedom. Those who have a passion to move may find themselves in this group of Nomadic Millennials. Follow your dreams and see if you can’t move to Italy for a few months, or visit the mountain ranges a few states over. Your journey is just beginning, and getting used to a nomadic culture and lifestyle is the first step.

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