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Not Ready For Winter? Last Minute Summer Barbecue Ideas

not-ready-for-winterSummer may be coming to a close, but that does not mean the party has to end. Entertaining outdoors in the fall can be just as enjoyable. You do not have to deal with hot, humid weather or worry about insects invading your fun. Here are some tips to throwing an outdoor fall party that your guests will love.

Color Scheme

Pack away the bright neon colors of summer. Autumn favors warm tones, such as brown, yellow, green, orange and red. Decorate your table with beautiful leaves from a backyard tree and scented caramel candles placed in mason jars for a charming, rustic feel. Hollow the top of apples and add votive candles for a simple, colorful centerpiece.


Lighting is versatile and sets the stage for any space. With the sun setting earlier you will want plenty of light to keep guests safe when mingling. String lights overhead in trees, arbors or canopies. Add solar lights around walkways and strategically place torches to create a welcoming, homey feel so that you can entertain family and friends well into the night.

The Menu

There are plenty of fall food favorites to choose from. Beer bread and a vegetable cheese spread make a simple, yet filling appetizer. For the main meal grill up burgers and brats, create a serve-yourself taco bar or keep it simple with a hearty stew or chili with all of the fixings on the side.

For dessert try apple or pumpkin pie with a dollop of homemade whipped cream to top it off. For cake lovers, a butterscotch cake topped with toasted pecans will be their new fall favorite dessert.

Do not forget to have a signature drink on hand for the adults. Autumn sangria or a spiked hot apple cider is perfect to keep the crisp fall air at bay.


A lovely fire pit with room for several chairs or blankets is the perfect atmosphere for winding down after a meal. Be sure to have plenty of durable outdoor patio furniture, like those found at The Pool Store, for guests to relax in and enjoy the evening. Clustering furniture together will naturally create an atmosphere of mingling that will help keep the flow of your party going.

Creating an outdoor fall party just takes a little extra planning and your imagination. It can be a wonderful time to wind down from a busy summer, relax under the stars with great food, family and friends.

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