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Nurturing Nurses: 4 Ways Modern Healthcare Encourages Improvement in Nursing

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The treatment scope of the nursing profession has greatly expanded in the 21st century. There was a time when nurses were limited to performing direct patient care procedures that mostly dealt with hygiene, nutrition, basic monitoring, administering medications, and cleaning up inpatient facilities. These days, nurses are entrusted to deliver treatment plans and have the full confidence of the medical community in their profession as being vital to keeping patients healthy.

As modern perceptions of nurses continue to improve, it is important to understand some of the factors driving this improvement; to this effect, here are four ways the healthcare industry is encouraging excellence within the nursing field.

Academic Programs

There has not been a better time than now for prospective students interested in the nursing field, which is now considered to be a viable alternative to medical school. In the past, most nursing programs focused on preparing students to challenge the various boards for licensing purposes; specialization was something that most nurses had to return to school for after getting some experience in the wards. These days, students can enroll in specialized programs from the start.

Social Impact Bonds

Nurses whose fields of practice involve counseling may take advantage of pay-for-success contracts, which are also referred to as social impact or social benefit bonds. The way these programs work is by getting investors interested in providing capital for a cause that social services providers may advance. For example, a mental health nurse working in a community affected by the American opioid crisis may receive bonuses for her work in assisting patients get back to sobriety.

Improved Pay

Prior to Obamacare, nurses who wanted to earn significant pay had to find agencies engaged in Medicare billing practices that were sometimes questionable in terms of ethics. Now that the insurance marketplace has been reformed, nurses are enjoying better overall pay because their services are in greater demand. 

Technological Advances

The healthcare industry is being greatly augmented by technological advancement, and this includes the nursing profession. College students who would like to pursue careers that are on the bleeding edge of technology should strongly consider nursing. Tech firms such as Amplion are developing communications, telemetry and analytics systems to help nurses become the very best at their assignments, particularly those who work in special care units and inpatient facilities.

In the end, those who choose to study for a nursing career today will find that their futures will be filled with positive promise thanks to the modern outlook on this noble profession. If you’re already involved in a nursing career then it could be worth your time to investigate the growing upward mobility options for you. The number of BSN to NP programs available today is an indicator of the fact that there is more and more room to grow as a nurse.

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