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Old School Habits that Influence Modern Families for the Better

It is pretty safe to say that the times have changed. Families continue to present themselves in different forms. A woman or man that’s never married can decide to have children and parent on their own using in-vitro fertilization. Adoption and blended families have also changed the picture. As the general makeup of the traditional family changes, the habits tend to change as well. Unfortunately, there are children who are raised through their technological devices and they spend very little time with their parents. Even though times change, some habits need to stick around in order to strengthen the family for the better.

Eat Meals Together

When families make the decision to eat meals together, this makes a big difference in the level of intimacy families experience. There are a few things that happen when families eat meals together. Parents are able to find out how their children are really doing. It is easier for a parent to pick up changes within their child when they are able to sit down and connect on a daily basis. This is a great time to teach table manners as well. Putting the napkin in the lap, chewing with mouths closed and keeping elbows off the table are all good lessons to teach at the dinner table.

Develop Healthy Hygiene Practices

It is important to develop healthy hygiene practices. Children emulate whatever they see their parents and older siblings do. One of the routine responsibilities for every parent to instill within their child involves regularly brushing teeth and going to the dentist on a consistent basis. Even though a modern parent might allow a child to fall asleep to the television, try instilling a solid bedtime routine that involves dental hygiene. Professionals, like those at Claremont Dental Institute, know that making brushing, flossing, and gargling mouthwash mandatory is important to oral health. This helps to ensure these steps are taken care of. Set a dental schedule in the calendar and make routine visits a priority.

Eat Real Food

In addition to eating food at the table as a family and cleaning the mouth after eating food, it is also important to remember to purchase and eat real, whole foods. In a time where it is so easy to order pizza or patronize a fast food restaurant, there is still value in cooking healthy meals and knowing what’s going in the foods. A lot of foods contain artificial ingredients and are genetically modified. Keep things safe and cook at home as much as possible.

These old school habits are just a start. Modern families can embrace the beauty of forward movement and progression, but it’s also important not to forget the valuable treasures of the past.

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