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On a Budget? 6 Inexpensive Options for Family Parties or Dinners

The daily grind is a lot more enjoyable when it is broken up by a special occasion or a “just because” celebration. A small bank account does not have to mean skimping on family fun, though. Here are six inexpensive ways to mark a special milestone.

Small Gatherings at Home

The old-time potluck is back in vogue. If there is no time to prepare food for 20 people, consider throwing a dessert party instead. Invite your guests to bring along their favorite desserts. You supply a couple of desserts, the drinks and the dinnerware. This makes it easier on the wallet for everyone, yet still allows for enough food for all.

Party in the Park

Set up a dining canopy in your neighborhood park and decorate it with streamers and balloons. Borrow a few from your friends and family if you need to. Set up an outside buffet line near the grill. If you are serving a cake, put it on a table inside the pavilion and surround it with wildflowers. Include some active games that everyone can enjoy, such as badminton or croquet. The park is a great, free place to host parties that can cater to both the active kids, and the adults that want to sit back and relax.

Short Road Trip

Plan a short road trip a few miles out of town and stop at a little family-run café’. If you are celebrating a birthday or good marks on a report card, call a day or two ahead to find out if the restaurant can supply an appropriate cake. If not, the cakes and pies are usually very good at these places.

Tiny Tots and Taters

Some toddlers will not eat anything other than chicken fingers and fries without creating a dramatic scene. Save their tears, save your nerves, save on cleaning up, and have a little one’s birthday party at his or her favorite fast food restaurant.

DIY Kids Party

To make kid’s parties more affordable, there are plenty of DIY ideas you can find in magazines and on the internet. Kids won’t remember the details of the party when they are older, so simple decorations used from recycled items around the house is a great way to make any gathering more personal without breaking the bank.

Family Sports Bars: An Affordable and Fun Alternative

A sports bar that welcomes families can usually cater to small and large groups at very reasonable prices. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that some sports bar menus price most of their meals at $10 or less.  This family friendly sports bar in Brimfield is a great example of a place to find good food and drinks for both adults and kids without the hefty price tag

Thin wallets usually get fatter over time. In the meantime, you can still throw a great party that your children and family will remember for years. Children will not remember the cost of a party, but they will remember having a good time.

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