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On the Lookout for a New Family Car? Top Benefits of Buying From a Dealership

Every now and again, you’ll find yourself in the market for a new car. When shopping for a new car for your family, there is plenty to consider. One of those decisions is where you will purchase the vehicle. These are some of the top benefits of buying your next family car from a dealership.

They Give Professional Advice

Dealership employees are equipped to offer you solid professional advice about which car to buy. They can take stock of your family’s needs and then offer you suggestions of which vehicles to consider. They can also work with you to determine what features you need, which features you want and which features you have no interest in. They will be able to help you handle all paperwork that comes with the purchase. Acquisition of license plates and proper registration will similarly be made easy for you. Dealership employees will guide you through the process so no important detail is overlooked.

They Offer Warranties and Assurances

Dealerships offer warranties and assurances that other sources cannot. For example, a car you get from a private seller likely will have no existing warranty or guarantee. Cars from a St. George Hyundai dealership or other ones local to you, even used cars, usually come with a warranty. In many cases you can also purchase an extended warranty that will cover your car for longer in its life. Know the difference between a used car with a warranty and a certified pre-owned vehicle. There are pros and cons to each option. Certified pre-owned vehicles are part of a used car program run by the major manufacturers or the dealer. They are sold and serviced at the same dealerships and in the same way as new cars. To receive the certification, cars are put through rigorous inspections and often receive repairs or other maintenance. Used cars are cheaper and still usually come with warranties and basic inspections.

They Offer Financing

Buying a car from other sources will usually not offer you the option of financing. Buying from a dealership will. Often you can get very good deals on financing, particularly if a sales event is going on. Lending companies typically will not finance a car purchase from a private seller. Dealerships usually offer their own financing options, which makes the process of securing a loan much faster and easier. You also have the option of getting a bank loan if you want. Getting financing through a dealer can be easier on your family’s checkbook. Because you will be paying off the car over several years, you will have more money now to provide for your family’s needs.

They Offer Trade-Ins and Extra Options

At a dealership, you have the option of trading in an existing car. The money you get from it can then go towards the purchase of a new car. It can even count towards your down payment, which makes buying your new car easier and more affordable. Private sellers may accept a trade, but this is uncommon and you never know if you will be getting full value for your trade-in. You also have the ability to customize the car. This is only true if you have the time to order one. However, you can get exactly what you want as opposed to a bunch of bells and whistles you do not need. With a dealership, you also have the option of test driving as many cars as you want. This saves time—you may be able to find the car you are looking for by just going to one dealership.

Get your car from a trusted source, because your family’s safety and comfort are paramount. Dealerships are some of the safest places to get a new or used car because of added legal protections. Carefully weigh your options and you will arrive at the right decision.

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