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Organization Apps Every Homeowner Should Take Advantage Of

Between long work hours and daily personal commitments, it can be surprisingly easy to let the state of your home or outdoor property deteriorate without any willful negligence. After a while, simple clutter may be the least of your problems. Periodic maintenance needs to be done on certain household items to keep them in proper working order. Fortunately, there are several apps that can keep you reminded of these tasks before they become a major problem.


Few things can wreak havoc on your credit score than habitually being late on paying bills. And if a bill escapes your attention for too long, it can have dire consequences such as utilities being shut off, or steep late charges, or even permanently affect your credit score. An app known as BillMinder aims to send you a reminder whenever a bill is due. If it slips your mind, no problem, it won’t slip the attention of BillMinder. This app has a modest fee of $2.99, which is considerably cheaper than late charges.


A property management company like can perform tasks for your property such as marketing homes to potential renters, collecting necessary information about renters, seeing to their needs and addressing their complaints, handling evictions and rent collection. They have an important job, and if you manage property or rent on the side, making things easier with an app is a smart way to make it easier. Amso Properties says that when looking for a rental property management company, you should look at reviews and customer quotes. An alternative to recruiting a management company to do all this for you is the app known as iPropertyMgr. It serves as an effective liaison and tool of communicating with not only renters, but also contractors hired to see to property issues.


There have been countless arguments in families stemming from misunderstandings in scheduling. Which parent was supposed to pick up which child at a designated time and take them to soccer practice? Did mom say her evening yoga class was on Tuesday, when it really was a Wednesday? Cozi, a free family scheduling app, can eliminate all those problems. Simply plug each family member’s appointment into the app, and there will be no more unnecessary arguments. In addition, Cozi also contains an additional resource – a vast compilation of productivity articles.

Grocery IQ

There are few weekly household issues more common than forgetting to pick up an item at the grocery store, or not knowing you needed it to begin with. The frustration seems to be cumulative with each additional occurrence. Grocery IQ has come to your rescue. This free app has a diverse range of sorting functions. For example, if you are the type that has trouble finding items, it can help organize them by aisle. It has an auto-suggest feature if you don’t know the exact name of what you are looking for.


Keeping up with your home’s maintenance goes a long way in preserving its good condition, and makes it a more pleasant place to live. Some houses require more maintenance than others. If you are having trouble remembering what needs to be done, BrightNest can aid you in devising a schedule. Once the schedule is made, it will also remind you when the time comes for the task to be done. You can’t beat the cost; it is absolutely free.

The time and money that can be saved over the years with efficient organization of schedules and tasks is immeasurable. Not to mention the emotional stress that comes with the loss of both. Fortunately, as opposed to previous generations, there are a wide range of apps that are around to aid you in your household and property management. Take advantage, it will greatly simplify your everyday living.

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