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Out of Work? How to Financially Take Care of Your Family

When you’re unable to work due to mental or physical disabilities, living paycheck-to-paycheck sounds like a dream come true. It isn’t easy to survive when you’re out of work or unable to work sufficiently to pay the bills and support your family. Luckily, many ideas exist that you can use to add income to your household. It is beneficial to examine each idea; put your creativity to work to create your own money-makers while you’re at it, and start making ends meet. A few ideas to get you started.

SSI Disability Attorney

Consultations with law firms like Emroch & Kilduff are free and without obligation. If you’re unable to work due to your disability, a disability law firm can help you collect SSI or social security disability payments rightfully due to you. Even if you’ve been denied disability benefits, an attorney can help you get the help that you need.

Online Freelance Opportunities

From photography ops to those showcasing your artistic talents and everything in between, freelance opportunities online enable you to make an unlimited amount of money working from your computer part-time or full-time.  These opportunities are great for people battling disabilities and others, too.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are highly popular thanks to today’s computer technology. Although there’s a ton of time-wasters and scams, just as many legitimate opportunities also exist. Not only do you get the opportunity to voice your opinion concerning many topics, you also earn cash and sometimes, the chance to test product -and keep them -at no cost.


Are mathematically or scientifically inclined? Why not put your skills to work and help others at the same time? As a tutor, you can help students and adults learn important skills while you earn a little extra cash while assisting a student achieve the learning power they need.


If you have a vehicle and can travel, you can work locally as an assistant. You can run errands for people like supermarket shopping, or even pet sitting or arranging travel plans for busy professionals. As you might suspect, assistant jobs are also offered online for those with office skills.

Great ways to Earn Money

Although you’d likely rather make money working a 9 to 5, when that isn’t a possibility because of a disability, don’t think all hope is lost. You can make cash to support your household using the ideas above, but as mentioned, initiate your creative abilities to find other ways to make money.

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