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Parent of a Struggling Student? 4 Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy Reading

When your child struggles to enjoy reading and simply finds it uninteresting, it can quickly feel overwhelming while working through homework and passing tests. If you are the parent of a struggling student, there are a few ways to help your child enjoy reading to ensure they stay on track to achieve academic success, regardless of the grade they are currently in.

Read with Your Child

Spend time each day reading with your child. Even if your child is only just beginning to learn to read, spending time reading to them can help boost their interest in the process. Sound out letters and words while encouraging your child to repeat what you say or to mimic you as you read. The more your child is exposed to reading, the less likely they are to feel an aversion to learning how to read or how to enjoy reading.

Spend Time at Local Library Events Together

Check your local library for current and upcoming events that are ideal for your child’s age range. Many libraries host reading events and reading nights for children of all ages to listen to stories and to learn about the release of new books. Simply visiting the library with your child is a great way to encourage reading while showing your child how to have a positive relationship with reading, whether it is for school or for pleasure.

Find a Reading Subscription Service for Your Child

Consider subscribing your child to a book subscription club each month. Subscription services for children’s books are ideal to encourage reading and to get children to become more actively involved with the story they are reading. Subscribing your child to a book subscription club is a way to provide your child with more choices and options when selecting new books each month and new themes to choose from to keep reading fresh and exciting.

Enroll Your Child in a Literacy Program

Enrolling your child into a literacy program is a great way to encourage reading while providing your child with an environment that is positive and optimal for learning. A literacy program provides the tools and resources necessary to ensure your child is capable of moving forward academically in the reading and English departments.

Helping your child enjoy reading is not always possible overnight. However, with the right resources and tips, providing your child with the best environment possible can greatly improve their chances of advancing academically and overcoming their aversion to reading.

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