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Parenting 101: 7 Great Car Ideas for Your New Teen Driver

Your teenager has reached the age where he or she can begin driving. This is obviously an exciting time for your teenager. Unfortunately, you and your spouse may not share this same excitement. If are looking for ways to soothe your anxiety, check out these seven great car ideas for your teen driver.

Clear Limits

Before your teenager gets behind the wheel, make sure he or she knows the limits of their newfound freedom. Set clear boundaries as to when and where your teenager will be able to drive.

Frank Talk about Drugs and Alcohol

Talk frankly to your children about the dangers of driving under the influence. Help your teenager understand the devastation of an accident. Help your child understand real people may die, and the stigma of the event may ruin future college and employment prospects.

Cell Phones

Teach your teenage son or daughter to completely turn off any phones before driving. Absolutely no vibrations or indicator lights should go off on a cellphone while driving. This will prevent accidents by completely removing the temptation to use a phone on the road.

Automotive Safety Features

Walk through the safety features of the family vehicle with your teenager. A professional at Woody Sander Ford or any of other dealership will be happy to do this for you. Your teenager can then clearly see how four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and more are designed to keep motorists safe.

Car Pooling

Teach your teenager the value of helping others. Provide your teenage son or daughter with the opportunity to help car pool or provide rides around town for other people. Being able to drive a car isn’t simply about having fun. Rather, driving a car allows people to travel more effectively and help others do the same.


Work out a budget for car expenses with your teenager. Determine exactly how much he or she should contribute to the car budget each month. This may include purchasing gas or paying part of an insurance premium.

Driving Monitors

Finally, consider installing a monitor in your teenager’s car. This can allow you to track his or her speed, braking habits, and areas he or she visits. You will always be able to stay informed about your teenager.

Don’t allow yourself to become unnecessarily anxious about your teenager getting his or her license. Use the above tips to help your teenager as soon as you can.

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