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Parenting 101: How Parents Can Help Kids Brainstorm Career Ideas

With so many career paths to choose from, it can be difficult to hone in on specific occupational ideas. Even while children are young, parents can provide foundational guidance and feedback about possible future job choices. No one knows a son or daughter better than a parent, and it can be very rewarding to pursue knowledge about possible future career paths as a team. Read on for some practical suggestions about how to do so.

Pursue Hands on Experiences

If there are jobs that your child is interested in and you have friends or family members already working in the field, ask if your child can partake in a job shadowing experience. Afterward, have your child jot down information about what it takes to obtain a job in this field and what the job entails. The field of engineering, for example, would be much more time-intensive than working in the field of journalism. Be sure that your child also includes reflections about whether or not they can imagine themselves doing this kind of work.

Consider Your Child’s Preferences

If your child has always been an animal lover, research available job options in the animal or zoology field. Perhaps they may want to consider attending college and pursuing work as a park naturalist or a veterinarian. If your child has always been interested in money, perhaps he or she will go on to investigate various online masters of public administration programs economics and work for a government agency. While it is overbearing to attempt to steer your child toward a path of your preference, it is helpful and insightful to point out personal strengths and to provide children with plenty of information about fields in specific areas of interest.

Show Them Your Job Reality

If your child is at least eight years old and interested in your own occupation, go ahead and invite them to participate in the annual spring time Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. If you are unfamiliar with the program or event, provides plenty of useful information. Even if your child does not decide to pursue your personal career choice, at least he or she will have a clearer grasp of what you do during your hours apart, and why.

There are so many jobs to choose from, that it is never too early to at least casually begin perusing ideas. It can prevent the boredom and misery of ending up in an unenjoyable or ill-suited job as an adult, and it is a way to show multi-generational support and love. Go ahead and listen to your child speak about their dreams and be ready to help them learn more about specific job options.

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