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Parenting Your Teens: How to Make Sure They Dress Modestly

Raising a teenager isn’t the easiest. There are a lot of worries and a lot of good times. From learning to drive to going to prom, first loves and heartaches, there’s a lot of everyone’s plate when your child makes the transition from kid to teenager. Getting your teen to dress modestly can be a big concern, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips to getting your teen to dress modestly.

Offer a Layered Look

With the way the fashion industry is these days, a lot of popular clothing is pretty skimpy. Your teen may feel like she is missing out on looking good if you deny her total access to today’s trends. Instead, encourage your teen to dress in layers. Cut off shorts can easily be paired with leggings, and plunging necklines can be compensated for with camisoles. Even form fitting shirts can be balanced out with loose cropped jackets. This allows her to still dress in the fashion of the day, but keep her modesty.

Go with Customization

When your teen can help pick out and customize their own clothing, they’ll feel more attached to it and be more willing to wear it. This applies to a variety of things, including interchangeable belts (which allows you to change out the buckle on a whim), custom prints (which they can design), and shirts that can be worn several ways. This allows for individual expression and creativity while still providing them with a selection of modest clothing.

Make it Fun with Subscription Boxes

Not only can this make dressing modestly fun for your teen, it can help you save some cash, too! Depending on the subscription provider you go with, you can either choose a flat out “modest” setting, or you can individually choose skirt length and top options. You can have peace of mind that your teen will dress modestly, and they have a surprise of fun, cute clothing that they can look forward to however often you choose to get it.

Lead by Example
Teenagers today are strong willed enough. Don’t give them an extra avenue to argue by being hypocritical. One of the best ways to get your teen to dress modestly is to lead by example. When you choose stylish but modest clothing for yourself, it helps to show your teen that you can wear modest clothing and still look good.

Be Willing to Compromise

Sometimes a little compromise is just what you need to get your teen listening. If you never allow for any wiggle room, your teen is more likely to rebel against you. It’s not that different from when someone on a strict diet goes on a junk food binge. Allowing the occasional compromise will make your teen feel heard and encourage her to continue to follow your rules.

Earn Their Respect

At the end of the day, one of the most important ways you can get your teen to dress modestly is to have her respect. When your child respects you, they respect your rules and wishes. There’s a proverb that goes, ‘If you train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ We take advice from people we respect, whether this is a celebrity endorsement of a product or clothing line, or our friends and family.

There are lots of ways to get your teenager to dress modestly. Ask other parents for advice, do your research, and, more importantly, ask your teen what would make her happy when it comes to modest clothing. Modesty isn’t dead or overrated. Helping your teen to dress more modestly can instill good values from a young age, and teach her her worth.


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