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Parents Beware – Six Most Expensive Activites For Kids

six-of-the-most-expensive-extracurriculars-out-thereEvery parent wants their child to get involved in some kind of extracurricular activity. Sports, clubs, and other groups help to increase social skills, self-esteem, and a myriad of other positive qualities. But at what cost? Some hobbies can be incredibly expensive and way out of budget for many families. Unfortunately, this could result in a lot of disappointment, especially if the child were to enjoy that activity or have their heart set on it before you took a look at equipment pricing. If you’re about to get your son or daughter started in an extracurricular, take note of those listed below, as they are six of the most expensive.


In addition to the monthly expenses, which can range anywhere from $60-$100+ per month, parents must pay many extra fees. This can include: costumes, performance tickets, shoes, and registration fees that increase the overall cost to around $1,000-$1,500 annually. Look for school-run classes and ask about getting discounts on shoes and other costumes if you do end up getting involved in dance.


The expenses for this sport add up all throughout the season, making it difficult for many families to keep up with. Costs include the uniform, safety gear, shoes, socks, team pictures, travel expenses, and registration fees. For teams that do well, thousands could be spent just for one football season.

Horseback Riding

Even without owning a horse, the cost of riding as an extracurricular will add up. Each lesson will cost an average of $30+, depending on the facility. Factoring in the cost of clothing, gear, and show expenses, this activity can cost thousands per year.


Whether just getting started or advancing at an expert level, the cost of gymnastics is rarely as affordable as it seems. In addition to paying around $20 per session, families also have to pay out of pocket for competitions, traveling, costumes, and coaching.

Ice Hockey

While not as common as other sports, ice hockey is growing in popularity. Unfortunately for parents this means paying a minimum of $500 per season. This will cover the cost of lessons, safety equipment, and gear. Additionally, if a child gets hurt while playing, it may be necessary to pay for medical expenses and other treatments or physical therapy. Personal injury attorneys looked at some of the best and worst of youth sports and found that over $935 million dollars were spend in sports injuries each year.

Martial Arts

The monthly fees for lessons will run around $100+ per month for this sport. Additionally you’ll have to cover registration fees, equipment, and gear costs, and the upgrade fee when your child promotes to the next level. With a $2,000 price tag before competitions, this is much more than most people anticipate.

While the activities listed above are some of the most expensive to participate in, they can be well worth it for the child. However, there are ways to save money. Register early, ask schools for low-cost alternatives, and try activities before officially signing up. By doing these things, you’ll end up saving quite a bit and will still be able to help your child participate in something they enjoy.



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