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Peace of Mind: 5 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress Free Zone

Our world is stressful and sometimes that stress is carried home. However, there are at least five ways to make your home a stress free zone

Lower the lights at night

Light is wonderful for the day; however, at night reduce your overhead lighting and place nightlights away so that they don’t interfere in sleeping. Dim lights can also create a different atmosphere in your home that can encourage a state of relaxation. It might remind you of a spa or fancy restaurant.

Keep Your Home Safe

For protection and peace of mind, consider getting a gun, such as an ar-15 rifle. Security alarms and surveillance systems can help you relax rather than worry about any noise you hear outside. It can also end up helping you sleep better, which can make you feel more peaceful and relaxed the next day as well.

Get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter is another way to make your home stress free. Choose one or two areas where clutter accumulates in your home and spend at least ten minutes going through the clutter. Place clutter into three piles: keep, discard and relocate. Pitch the discard pile and place the relocate items into their proper places in your home.

Fill Your Home with Comfortable Furniture

Another great way to de-stress your home is by making sure that your furniture looks and feels good. Quality and long-lasting furniture is a great way to relax and feel comfortable and that often leads to not only a relaxed atmosphere but a place where you can let go and be yourself. 

Encourage a Relaxed Mental State

Listening to calming music is a great way to lower stress. In addition, a vaporizer or enjoying essential oils are other ways to de-stress your home. Meditation is another great way to lower stress. It encourages you to relax your mind and look inside yourself with a sense of honesty and compassion, instead of criticism and judgement. Meditation also helps to let go of old ways of stress and distraction and encourages a more relaxed state where healing can occur.

Benefits in reducing stress

There are several benefits in reducing stress such as reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as improving your digestive system. In addition, lowering stress also prevents a variety of mental disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Follow the five tips above and feel the benefits of relaxation.

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