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Peaceful Family: How to Reduce Stress in Your Household

Family is for life, but sometimes you might find yourself wishing they weren’t. Living in close quarters with anyone, even the people you love, can be stressful and, especially when it’s family, it can feel impossible to alleviate that tension and find peace.

If you’re struggling with a house filled with turmoil, here’s some ways you can start on a path to relaxation and rebuilding relationships.

Create Personal Spaces

In a confined home, it can often feel stifling, and when tempers flare, you may find yourself feeling like you have no safe place to retreat to. Building yourself and your family members individualized spaces tailored to their needs can do wonders for reducing stress, because everyone knows that when they need to separate themselves from a situation, they have a spot that’s all their own.

This can be something like a reading nook tucked into a child’s bedroom, a picturesque spot on the patio with a comfy spot to relax and take in nature, or even a pre-fabricated shed plopped in the backyard and turned into a man cave.

As long as it’s comforting place that’s never associated with the stressors of family life, retreating to your own personal oasis will always have a connection with feeling at peace.

Strive for Open Communication

Most of us are not good arguers. We get amped up, we let our emotions dictate our words, and we fail to effectively get across our point while ignoring that of the other person. Learning how to argue well is a long and laborious process, but it starts with being open about your feelings.

If there’s a lot of strife in your household, it could be in your best interest to set up a weekly family meeting where it’s safe for everyone to air their grievances and collaborate on a solution. This should be focused on “I statements”, where you try not to focus on what the other person is doing or how they “caused” your stress, but instead make clear how you are feeling and explain why.

Oftentimes, these conversations will result in epiphanies where one or both or all of you realize that you were indirectly hurting each other and never clued in. It can be extremely hard to confront someone, especially a family member, so scheduling a time where that’s the whole purpose can help to alleviate the fear that comes with confrontation and make it a safe place to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind.

Surround Yourself with Calm

If your environment is hectic, you’ll feel it immensely. Filling your home with calming aesthetics can do wonders for your mood. Natural elements like wood and stone can help you feel more connected to nature, which has been proven to help alleviate stress.

Plants throughout the home can help to purify the air and also bring more of Mother Earth’s natural relaxation effects indoors. Another great idea is to get an essential oil diffuser and fill your home with soothing smells, like lavender, which has calming effects. A personal health assessment can help you discover the best oils for you.

Essential oils can also be used topically or orally for more immediate effects, while using them for aromatherapy will provide a more lasting relief.

Have a Family Night

So much of family tension is caused by losing sight of one another and letting the relationship degrade until it turns into a vicious cycle of believing any interaction will lead to stress. Scheduling a night that’s solely devoted to a fun activity with no negativity or talk of conflict can help to rebuild those relationships and get everyone back on the right track.

Try to let everyone have a say in the activity, or rotate who decides what to do each night, so that the family relaxation night doesn’t turn into a conflict in and of itself. Then, just enjoy each other’s company! We all need to be reminded why we love someone every once in a while, especially if we’ve been stuck in a cycle of conflict and stress.

Family can be tough, but they’re for life, and keeping a healthy relationship with your loved ones is beneficial in so many ways. In close quarters, it can be easy to grind up against one another sometimes, so try these tips today to get your family back on the road to a healthy, happy, stress-free relationship.

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