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Pet Paradise: 4 Ways to Create a Furry Family Member Approved Home

Our pets are like members of the family—they deserve to feel right at home, too! Making your house more pet-friendly is a lot easier than you might think. With some small purchases and modifications, you can transform your house into a paws-itively fantastic space for pets and owners alike! Here are a few ways to get you started.

Add Pet Doors

Easy in, easy out. Let your dog or cat have access to the backyard with an easy-to-install pet door. You can ensure that they always have a means of relieving themselves, and they can let themselves back in the house if they’re ever uncomfortable. No more barks or yowls to be let out!

If you’re worried about security, here are a few pointers to burglar-proof your pet door:

  • Look for models with deadbolts so you can lock the door at night or when you’re out of the house.
  • Purchase an electronic model that reacts to a chip placed on your pet’s collar.
  • Avoid cheap materials like plastic; only buy sturdy doors made of hard-to-break materials like wood or metal.
  • Install a security fence around your yard to deter intruders from reaching the door.

Buy Durable Furniture or Pet Covers

Ensure that your pets can get as cozy as possible without sacrificing or scuffing your furniture. Avoid materials that are likely to scratch such as leather. To avoid odors, hair and pet stains, invest in some easy-to-wash pet covers that will make your cat or dog’s favorite seat extra cozy while protecting your furniture.

Improve Your Yard

Pets are still animals and often enjoy spending time outdoors. For many homeowners, this means creating a safe area in the backyard for furry family members. This may mean anything from putting out some pet-friendly toys or making a little bit more of an investment.

French drain systems, for instance, divert water and runoff from your property. Installing a system like this can ensure that your pets will have a safe, dry area to run in as well as ensuring your property sustains far less damage that it would otherwise. With the help of some horizontal boring and landscaping work, your project will be done in no time.

Don’t forget to invest in the best fencing for your pet. Outdoor cats, for example, may not require fencing as they are talented climbers and jumpers. However, a couple of large dogs could enjoy an afternoon of play in a chain-link enclosure. Be sure to take your pet’s personality and habits into account when investing in your fence. It may take some trial and error, but once you find the right fence for your pet, you can let them outside with confidence.

Protect Your Electronics

Curious kitties and dogs might find themselves gnawing on any exposed wires they find. Prevent pet injury and expensive damages by investing in some pet cable protectors. These chew-safe devices protect your devices and make sure your animal doesn’t find themselves injured or worse. For an added measure of safety, hide all wires and cords behind furniture. You can even keep them off the ground by using some cable anchors. Additionally, be sure to be vigilant about putting your movable cables and chargers away after you’re done using them. If they are safe in closed boxes and drawers, you won’t have to keep replacing them as they are chewed through by curious little mouths.

Cats and dogs are emotional creatures; they need love, patience and accommodation. By improving your home to be more suitable for them, you’re creating a peaceful and positive environment that nurtures your furry friend and gives them the type of atmosphere they deserve.

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