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Pick and Choose: Meal Ideas to Please You and Your Picky Eaters

pick-and-choose-meal-ideas-to-please-you-and-your-picky-eatersThe world is full of different flavors, textures, and recipes, but unfortunately, one household can have a group of eaters who are just as diverse. Being the meal preparer can prove challenging for a household with picky eaters who can never seem to agree, and continuously opting for takeout is not a healthy decision. It is important to create a menu full of incognito health foods that will appeal to all of your finicky eaters simultaneously. Here are some tricks to introduce your whole family to some fresh, new meals.

Fake it for the Better
Disguising food as a more common, tasty fare is often the best route to take, especially for children. French fries are probably one of their favorites. What if you did not make this popular item with the traditional fried potato, though? Consider swapping the potato for healthier polenta or sweet potatoes and bake them instead. Children will love having their own, homemade French fries and adults will enjoy the explosion of flavor in this tricky side dish.

Pizza, Please
Few can say that they dislike pizza and the ones that can have clearly been eating it wrong! With so many options to jazz up pizza by ditching the traditional mozzarella and sauce, it is hard to find a type that you will not fall in love with. Consider frequenting a local Klosterman Baking Company or bread supplier for fresh dough or pizza shells. Then stock up on toppings for make your own pizza night. Asparagus and asiago cheese make great toppings for the adults and the kids will love dropping their own olives or pepperonis on top.

Portion Control with a Cute Twist
Did you know that muffin tins are not just for muffins and cupcakes? In fact, you can put anything you want in there, bake it, and serve muffin-shaped side dishes that are adorable for kids, and the perfect portions for adults trying to count calories. Have trouble getting picky eaters to consume their vegetables? Mix some broccoli into macaroni and cheese, fill the tins, bake, and watch those picky eaters gobble up these cute cups!

Call it Candy
Putting the word “Candy” in front of anything will make it appetizing. Simply make a glaze of any flavor and pour it over carrots, asparagus, and even those dreaded Brussels sprouts to make a side dish that picky eaters will enjoy, but only because it is candy, right?

The food you make is not always a crowd pleaser. Picky eaters come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, so it is important to save yourself the time and energy by making meals that will please everybody. Telling a food fib here and there never hurt anybody, so feel free to fabricate the menu just a bit–your picky eaters will never know the difference.

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