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Picking Up Parenting: Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

Although many parents actively participate in allowing their children to utilize the information made available to them on the internet, many do not fully know what steps need to be taken in order to protect their children from certain threats. In order to keep your child’s mind free from material their eyes should not see, here are some steps that can be taken before allowing them to access the internet without supervision. The following are some measures that can remove the chance of having the safety of your child put into question.

Educate Your Child

Before your child should be given free reign online, they should be informed about rules they are to adhere to, as well as some of the dangers to look out for. Appropriately teaching your child in this respect will be the most successful weapon in your arsenal of defense. Make sure they know never to give out personal information that may reveal their actual physical location, such as a home address, school they attend, or areas they frequent. It is a sad truth that there are predators out there that aim to to take advantage of children that are not aware of the dangers.

Install Parental Filtering Software

One necessity for any child that is going to be frequenting the internet without parental supervision is to have adult content blocked. The internet is full of vast amounts of content that contains nudity and other materials that should not be seen by immature eyes. With the aid of filtering software, such as WebFilter Pro, and FoxFilter, parents are able to customize what material their child will be able to view through their internet browser. These filtering developments are often times available for free online, and can even be installed on mobile devices a to ensure that adult content is not accessed through any machine in the home or elsewhere.

Utilize Your Resources

It is highly suggested that you team up with your internet provider to ensure the safety of your child as they navigate through the web. Internet service from Bell can be configured in such a way that only secured sites are accessed by those that use your network, meaning that only sites of an educational, social networking, or email nature will be accessed. Speak with your Bell phone service representative as to other methods of safely securing your child from threats before they become a reality. It is ultimately the parents’ responsibility to be on top of current safety trends and methods.

Make sure your child is safe when navigating the strange new world online. Use the resources you have available to make sure they have everything they need to stay safe.

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