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Planning for Your Child’s Future

When thinking about having kids, some people think they need a plan in place to be the perfect parent. As time goes on, they soon find that there are no real plans for motherhood. You can try to plan, you can plan your spouse and that you want to be married when you have a family, but plans like having a routine pregnancy and delivery are usually the first to go out the window followed by having the perfect child who has the exact same interests and opinions as you do. Once you figure out that there are no real plans in parenthood you will make your life a whole lot easier.

Planning your child’s future shouldn’t be set in stone rather it is full of changes.

Planning To Start a Family
There are no plans to starting a family. I always hear young people say that they are going to wait until they are “ready” for a baby but the truth is, you are never really ready. You will always have struggles and you will always have questions but it is all part of being a parent. Being a parent is a lot like being a baby yourself; you learn from your child as they grow and as they grow as children, you grow as parents.

You will think you have it all planned out when you think you will be ready to have kids but in all reality, you will never be fully ready. As you go through your pregnancy, you will learn that you will not be comfortable, even though that was in your plan and you will want drugs, which is never the part of a first time mothers plan. But once your beautiful baby is placed in your arms for the first time, you will know that even though the way they got there wasn’t part of your plan, it was worth every second of it.

Planning Your Child’s Future
You can plan certain things for your child but as time goes on, you need to learn how to let your child make their own choices and mistakes. Planning your child’s education will work out for the first few years but once they get into high school, those plans are pretty much gone. Once they are able to make their own opinion about something, they are going to voice that opinion which is what you want them to do. While you may want them to become a doctor or lawyer, they may want to become a construction worker or bartender. The important thing is that it is their choice and it is up to you not to make those choices for them but to support them in their own individuality. You need to let them make the mistakes they are going to make and learn from those mistakes, not keep them bottled up forever. This will not help them later in life, instead, as they make bad decisions, they learn from them. Of course, if your child starts to participate in dangerous behavior, you are obligated to do everything in your power to stop them but when it comes to their career choice, choice of friends or choice of schools, you need to let them make some decisions on their own.

As you stop your planning, you stop expecting. Some expectations are appropriate but most of the time, you will never be happy if you set high expectations for your children. The best thing you can do for your child is to plan financially for the future, but stop at that. Let them be their own person and make their own decisions; they will thank you for it when they are older.

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