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Positive Parental Influence: How to Monitor Kids’ Activities

Children should never be left alone. However, there are brief moments when the reality sets in that we do not have eyes on the back of our head. When you’re busy doing something like cooking, cleaning, or you are in the restroom, make sure your child is not falling into trouble. When siblings or playmates are together, always make sure they are in your sight and doors are always kept open. If a daycare or other person is watching your child, make sure you have a good relationship with them and can truly trust them to follow the rules you have set for your child. Meanwhile, there are additional tools that can help you ensure your child’s continued safety.

Internet and Phones

Today it is so important to monitor what your child does online and over the phone. Children and teens are communicating with dangerous strangers, and children as young as four years old are seeing things that could take away their innocence forever. For this tragic reason, it is vital to never leave your child alone with a computer or phone. This may include not allowing your child to have a Facebook account or waiting until your child is a teenager to have their own phone. It is also wise to invest in programs and apps to help stop your child from negative consequences sooner while using these devices.


Much like mentioned above with internet and phones, children should never be left to watch TV alone. Someone trusted must always be within sight of your TV, and in addition you should consider parental controls on your TV service. Some companies, like Reserve Telecommunications, allow you to set up viewing preferences. These can include 4-digit PIN codes and locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. While you may be within eyesight and earshot of the TV, it is very easy for a child to turn it on mute and change a channel within half a second. Parental controls can block in ways such as by channels, or by ratings that are age and content based. As parents, it is our duty to help guard our child’s innocence at all times.

Video Games

Video games can be extremely fun for everyone. Help monitor your child’s activity in this area by playing with them and getting to know each of their games. Make sure that if there is an online chat feature, they only use it within your view. Many games now are able to link with the internet, and you would need to treat it the same as you would be monitoring their internet.

Peace of Mind

Every parent wishes they could have eyes on the back of their head, fortunately there are ways and tools that can help you do so at times. Most important is to always make sure your child has an open and honest relationship with you. Always help them feel comfortable talking to you about anything, and with the ability to ask any questions. Treasure your relationships with those around your children, and build as much trust as possible. Lastly, there are definite evils that have come from the good in technology, but we must remember the blessings to help us monitor them as well. Do not be afraid of learning new ways your child can enjoy their time, while having the peace of mind that their safety and innocence are always being protected.

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