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Positive Parenting: 4 Ways To Help Your Child Establish A Healthy Body Image

If you have a child, it is important that he or she grows up to have a positive outlook about his or her body. Eating disorders and obsessively working out are all dangers that every parent of a teen should be aware of, and that’s why it is vital to help your teen develop a healthy body image towards themselves.. What can parents do to help a child create a healthy body image?

Stress the Importance of Being Healthy

From a young age, a child should understand that weight isn’t the only indicator of overall health. Children should be taught that getting enough sleep each night and playing 60 minutes a day are also important to staying healthy. Staying away from sugary snacks and other processed foods may also make it easier for a child to obtain a healthy and properly functioning body.

Don’t Stress Over What the Scale Says

Those who have extra muscle tend to weigh more because the muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore, it is important to stress to your child that working out and exercising may actually increase their weight even though they are incredibly healthy. You should also point out that drinking a lot of water could also make it seem like a person is gaining weight even though it is still good to do so.

Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Children are easily influenced by what they see and hear on television or other sources of media. By limiting the messages that they see and hear about their bodies, you have greater control over your child’s development, which may lead to a body positive attitude both now and in the long run.

Teach Your Child a Skill

If your child is busy learning a sport, artistic, or musical talent, they may think less about their bodies. It will help them gain confidence in something other than their appearance. This is because they are too busy developing their minds and making friends who have the same interests that they do.

Parents need to do whatever they can to help their children feel good about their bodies. If your child has an issue with their appearance that is easily fixed, consider taking them to professionals, like those at Cambridge City Dental, to fix the dental issue so they can move forward with life.

If they are struggling with body image problems, it may be a good idea to take them to a mental health professional. He or she may be able to diagnose the underlying issue and take steps to prevent it from causing eating or other health disorders.

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