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Prepared for Anything: 3 Ways to Create a Family Food Storage Supply

There are many reasons to stock up on food supplies. There could be a natural or man-made disaster in the future, you could lose your job or have unexpected expenses, or a friend or family member may be in need of extra assistance. Whatever the case, it is always prudent to have a large supply of food and other items stored up for future use. Some tips and suggestions on accomplishing just that could include the following.

Buy in Bulk
Whenever possible, buy larger amounts of foods at any given time. You will find that the price per unit is so much lower. For example, a one-pound bag of rice will cost so much more per pound than a ten-pound bag of the same product. This even applies to items such as pet food and laundry detergent. Watch for sales and other discounts for even more savings. Be sure to store these items in airtight bags and containers in a cool, dry place.

Stock up Slowly
Make a point of purchasing canned and dry goods every single time you go to a store. You will be so surprised at how fast your pantry will fill up. Keep a permanent marker in your pantry so you can date and rotate all of your canned goods. Another method of stocking supplies is to allocate a certain amount of money every single week just for this purpose. Spend this sum on basic food items with long shelf lives.

Grow Your Own Food
No matter where you live, there are ways and means to grow your own produce. An herb garden on a window sill, a container garden on a city balcony, a raised bed in a tiny backyard, or a large fenced garden in a big backyard are all examples of how individuals can grow their own foods. Study small-space and vertical gardening to get the optimum harvest out of your efforts. Plant easy-to-grow items such as tomatoes, radishes, beans, carrots, and lettuce. Use a quality fertilizer such as Nature Safe to optimize production. As your confidence and proficiency grows, add on more challenging vegetables to your list. And don’t forget, small citrus trees can be grown indoors in pots and outdoors if you live in a warm climate.

Creating and gathering a food supply will give a family peace of mind and great additions to family meals. When the going gets tough, you know you will be ready and well-stocked for almost any emergency.

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