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Preparing Your Car for Donation

Donating a car is a great way to help out less fortunate people throughout the state that you live in. These vehicles get used for a number of different programs, or are even given directly to those that could use it the most. Single mothers who are trying to put themselves through college with very little to no income are good examples of these cases. You might have already resolved yourself to donating your old vehicle someplace, but there are certain things that you will want to know or consider before you do this.

Here are some good ideas after you have decided to donate your car to charity.

Clean Up Your Mess

It might be a wonderful thing that you are considering doing, but you should also consider cleaning up before you drop it off. While yes, there is someone who will be there to clean out the car after it has been dropped off, do you really want to leave a mess for them? If it is possible to do so, it can save those processing the vehicle from you time and a lot of effort if you took the initiative to take care of any mess you might have left within the vehicle.

Do A Sweep

The same can be said about anything else that might have been left in the car. While you might not miss the items if they’re gone, it doesn’t mean that you should send them off in the car either. So a good idea would be to do a quick sweep over the front, back and trunk of the vehicle for any items you might still want or need, or should just get rid of before its someone else’s responsibility. You never know, you could find something you had been looking for or even enough change or money for a treat after your next meal.

Minor Fixes

If there are little things about the vehicle that could have been repaired by you yourself, this might be the time to make those repairs happen. The last thing you want is your vehicle not being used right away because there is a list of minor repairs they wanted to make, that you could have taken care of for little to no money at all. So if there are rips in the fabric of the seats you can sew, oil that you can change, filters that you can replace, new wipers to install or whatever the case might be, now is the time.

Have The Car Checked Out

Even if you do not have a small list of minor repairs that you can do to the car, it might not hurt to do the donation association a favor by having the car looked over by someone with some experience. This can give them an idea of any potential problems they might be able to avoid in the future and so on.

None of these are essential to donating your car. However, they are pretty important if you are in fact donating a car for the right reasons. If you really want to help someone who’s lot in life is worse than your own, these above named steps are hardly much trouble at all.

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