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Preventative Measures Against Moving Day Chaos!

Don’t let common moving day disasters happen to you! Stop problems before they happen by following the tips in this article.

Avoid having a chaotic moving day with these handy tips.


Your Movers are Late

If you’re like most people, moving day requires seamless planning. One way moving plans can be set off-course is when mover’s show up late. It’s important to expect the unexpected. If you want to start packing-up at 10 am, make the appointment for nine. You are creating the opportunity for more bad things to happen by starting late and rushing through the move.

Professional moving companies should not be late. Eliminate this problem during the research phase of your move. Do not just pick the most affordable company or the first that appears from an Internet search. Talk to neighbors, friends and colleagues read reviews and get a good idea of who the “good” local company is.

The New York Times listed some major factors to consider when looking for a moving company in the blog post “How To Choose A Mover.”

  • Start looking early, don’t wait until the last minute
  • Get a written estimate from many movers
  • Look for red flags like a large up-front deposit, cash only payments, unprofessional voice mail recordings, no insurance information provided on the company’s website

Broken or Missing Pieces

You or the mover should take a full inventory before loading, including a condition report that you should sign-off on. Typically, moving companies have insurance policies. You may have homeowners insurance might still apply to theft, fire, flood, or other occurrences, but it usually doesn’t cover damage in transit.

Unexpected Bad Weather

Non human-caused problems like rain, extreme heat, hurricanes and snow can throw major road blocks in your moving day plans. Check weather forecasts when planning your moving day. Don’t plan moves during times of the year when the area you live in or are moving to is prone to extreme weather conditions.

Distracting Kids and Pets

Although we love them, kids and pets do not necessarily enhance the moving experience. If you have small children or pets, add ways to entertain them to your plan. Give children small tasks so they feel involved and helpful with the process. Give them incentives like treats and surprises for good behavior and keep items like toys, an iPad and coloring book handy. Make sure pets are accounted for. Choose a space like a patio, backyard or guest room for them to hang out in while items are being moved in so they don’t get in the way. If your pet is prone to severe anxiety from traveling in the car and being in a new space consult your veterinarian before hand to see if there are any stress relieving products or medications available.

Crashing a Rental Moving Truck

“Suddenly I heard a terrible noise, like metal being dragged across a street, and saw a large object flying down the hill, followed by assorted debris and people running,” he says. Then he heard the crash. Tobey ran downstairs to find the truck’s brakes had failed, and it had careened down the hill, demolishing two parked cars (one belonging to a friend who had bussed to work that day) and ramming through the guardrail. It stopped just shy of Interstate 5,” from Zillow‘s blog post titled “Moving Horror Stories,” from a man who failed to use his emergency break appropriately.

Crashing a rental truck is probably the worst thing that can happen on moving day.Although you can’t control other drivers, you can control the way you drive. Understand that driving  a moving truck is going to require extra caution and care, below are some safety tips:

  • You will not be using rearview mirrors you’re used to and to be aware of the different blind spots they make.
  • Avoid backing up if you can. When you do have to back-up be extra careful. Have someone help direct you if possible.
  • Know the height of your truck when traveling through tunnels and parking structures.
  • Changing lanes and making turns requires much more time and space. Give yourself enough time and room to turn and make lane changes.
  • When you break, take it easy. Breaking fast will cause all of your items to jolt forward and possibly break. Big trucks take more time to stop, so take it slow.

About the Author Maude Keller
A retired advice columnist for a small newspaper in Minneapolis, Maude still gets to share her tips and tricks to keep a cozy home and hearth by writing for several blogs and websites.

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