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Protect Your Baby: Home Improvements You Must Consider Before The Baby Comes

Bringing a baby home for the first time is a big occasion, and it’s important that your house is ready for the arrival of your new addition to the family. Most average homes are full of things that could harm a newborn, and it is not always easy to tell what needs to be done advance. Here are six home improvements that can make your home safer for your baby:

Install Window Guards

Open windows are a danger when a baby is in the home. Homeowners should install window guards on any windows above the first floor. They can be added to the first floor windows as well since they can improve home security. Window guards come in many styles today to match the look of any home.

Block Stairs with Gates

Children can accidentally fall down stairs while exploring. Gates should be put into place to block them. If the gates are mounted permanently, they need to be at the top and bottom. If the gates are removable, then only one is necessary since it can be moved as needed. Gates also help to keep pets on a different floor than the baby.

Seal All Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can shock and seriously injury a baby. All of the electrical outlets in the home should be covered with protective attachments so that the holes are not visible. Protectors should also be installed over any outlets on surge protectors or extension cords.

Replace or Repair Flooring

Babies will spend a large amount of time on the floor. Floors should be repaired or replaced so that there are no sharp ends or loose pieces. The floors and carpets should also be cleaned thoroughly. A professional cleaning will insure allergens and contaminants do not harm the baby.

Call a Pest Control Company

Pests can cause irritation, respiratory problems and allergic reactions in babies. Homeowners should consider pest control service before the baby arrives. The entire house should be inspected. Often times, homeowners may not realize they have a problem with pests because they are hidden in the basement or areas of the home where you won’t find them.

Remove All Choking Hazards

Any lines, cords or decorations with hanging strings need to be removed or folded into a neat ball. Any lone cord, wire or string could be a choking hazard for the baby. Mounting a cleat next to windows will make it easy to keep the cords attached to curtains and blinds from hanging down where a baby could reach them. Be sure to continually clean the floors and remove any small items from lower shelves and cabinets.

New parents need to be careful whenever the baby is in the home. Small things like the handle of a pot could become something dangerous when a baby is nearby in a highchair. Preparing the entire home for the baby will remove many potential dangers immediately.

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