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Protecting Family Heirlooms: 5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Some of the most treasured items you own are likely not those which you have purchased for yourself, but those which have been passed down to you through your family, or those which you intend to pass down to your children. Maintaining the beauty and integrity of these items is of utmost importance in ensuring future generations can enjoy and appreciate them just as much as you do. With the right steps, you can do your part in preserving a unique part of your heritage that will last long after you’re gone.

Keep It Clean

For antique heirlooms especially, preserving them involves maintaining their cleanliness. Very few people make dusting a common habit, but you should make a special exception for treasured heirlooms that begin to collect dust. Whatever the item is, make the extra effort to follow the right procedure to clean it, whether it be dusting, washing, or polishing, to ensure the heirloom always looks its best.

Keep It Separate

If you have an heirloom, and choose to use it for everyday purposes, that is okay, but don’t be surprised when it doesn’t last as long as you expected. Some heirloom pieces, like antique furniture, or fine silver, can be used either regularly or for special occasions. Other items, however, such as an antique toy or vase, might be better left untouched. Not that they just have to be put away and ignored, just that they shouldn’t be used as much as they were when they were new.

Keep It Secure

With more than 2,000,000 home burglaries taking place every year, securing your heirlooms should be one of your highest priorities. Since many heirlooms do make desirable items for thieves to steal, keeping them hidden when not in use can definitely make a big difference. If you feel you can’t properly secure your heirlooms in your own home, an off-site storage facility like Tysons Self Storage could certainly be a viable option. By having less to secure inside your home, you can put more focus on preventing a home burglary from happening in the first place.

Keep It Important

No matter where you store or display your heirlooms, however, don’t just allow them to become another item that you own. Talk about them and explain their importance to your children, so they will come to appreciate their significance as well. That way, when they inherit the items, they will protect them the same way you did, ensuring they continue to be treasured pieces for many generations to come.

Keep It New

Over time, the items you keep as heirlooms may still succumb to the inevitable process of aging. If that happens, seek out an expert who can restore them to as close to like-new condition as possible without compromising the value or importance of the piece itself. A properly-completed restoration can add years of life to an aging piece, and even bring a new appreciation for the piece in your own life.

Keeping It Real

However you choose to protect your heirlooms, don’t take the importance of your task for granted. As the world changes, these items recall a different time, and provide opportunity for remembering the people whose lives were touched by the item’s influence. Even if it’s not an item that’s monetarily valuable, to the story and heritage of your family, it may be priceless.

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