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Protecting Your Assets: 6 Steps To Protecting Your Home From Intruders

In a struggling economy, home burglaries are increasing and are now occurring every 15 seconds in the U.S. alone. With an average of $2,000 dollars stolen during the average home burglary, it makes it important to safeguard your property and protect it from an intrusion. Reduce the risk of theft by protecting your home with a variety of devices and tools that are available. You’ll not only have peace of mind, but will reduce the risk of loss in the years to come.

1. Use Window Treatments

One of the most common ways that homes are targeted is by peeping through windows where valuables are often in plain sight. Use blinds, heavy shades, and curtains for a practical way of adding extra privacy.

2. Install Automated Lights

Automated lights are an efficient way of surprising intruders when they walk on to the property. Use the lights at back doors or near windows, which will cause them to turn on if motion is detected.

3. Add a Chain Link Fence

Adding a chain link fence makes for an extra obstacle that intruders will have to get through when entering the premises. Intruders are much more likely to target homes that are easy to enter while remaining discreet in a matter of seconds.

4. Use Indoor Timers

A dark home that appears unoccupied alerts thefts of a home that is easy to burglarize. Make the home appear as if someone is present with indoor timers that can turn on lights, the radio, or even the television at certain times of the day.

5. Install Screen Doors

Screen doors not only offer extra privacy, but also offer additional locks on various points of entry. Burglars will likely not attempt to try and surpass both a screen door with locks before trying to get into the main door that has even more deadbolts.

6. Add a Deadbolt on Every Door

Install a Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt on all doors on the first level that are accessible from the outside. Deadbolts are nearly impossible to get through for burglars and will pose as a challenge.

Securing your home will not only protect your valuables, but can also reduce the cost of your insurance policy. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing burglars will pass your home and find it too challenging of a task to break into.

Information provided by Lynx Brand Fence Products Ltd., a Calgary chain link fence company.

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