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Reaching Out: 5 Careers to Pursue for Community Involvement

While everyone should enjoy their career, there are certain jobs that allow ample opportunities to give back to the community. Below introduces five of the best careers that will allow the student to become intimately involved in their community.

Law Enforcement
Everyone knows who the police are, but many people don’t know about community policing. Certain law enforcement officers are assigned to community policing teams (CPT). Their primary goal is to engage the community, provide public education opportunities and encourage cooperation between the public and law enforcement agencies. Many community policing officers are assigned to specific demographic groups or geographic areas.

Game Wardens
Wildlife conservation enforcement combines the love of nature with the love of public service. Game and fish wardens are tasked with enforcing fishing, boating and hunting regulations. They regularly patrol fishing and hunting areas and engage with the public. Many are assigned to state or national park, while others are involved with search and rescue operations. Many game wardens are also State police officers.

These emergency response personnel respond to fire and medical emergencies. They provide assistance, control fires and work with other emergency service professionals. The physical fitness testing requirements are very high, but firefighters perform critical public services every day. They may be required to enter dangerous situations, such as burning houses, to save people. Most firefighters have a bachelor’s degree and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.

Being a doctor is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding community careers. Doctors have the opportunity to choose their specialty and health care organization. Therefore, doctors are free to work with non-profit or government health care organizations that provide critical medical services to disenfranchised populations. For example, a physician could work for their state’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) agency that provides food and nutritional services to mothers and children.

Social Work
Social workers are employed in the government, health care and non-profit organizations. Most social workers are employed by the state Department of Human Services and are tasked with ensuring the well-being of their clients. Social work is a challenging job that requires the person to work with clients who may be struggling with poverty, drug problems and homelessness. However, social workers help their clients overcome problems, get their life back on track and find community resources. A social work degree is required for most position that serve the public. Many universities offer online masters in social work programs so that you can earn your degree on your own time and schedule.

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