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Ready, Set, School! Celebrates Success!

The results from our 2017 Ready, Set, School! program are in and we were able to help 876 students with their school supply needs. Through your support, we turned your “Hand Up” into a head held high!

Each year, IFCS works to deliver much needed school supplies to families in need. These supplies make a real impact on the academic success. Without the right supplies, students feel self conscious and/or don’t have the proper tools to succeed.


The Ready, Set, School! program aims to address this problem by providing supplies to those who would otherwise go without. It also goes one step further by providing a new school outfit and coupon for a haircut. This way, the student not only has the right supplies, they have an additional boost to their self-esteem as they head back into the classroom.


Volunteers and donors play a major role in the success of the program. IFCS prioritizes clients based on set criteria and then passes along information on the students in need to donors. Donors purchase school supplies, clothing and other wish list items. Volunteers then collect these donations and help distribute them to students in need.

“Providing school supplies to our families in need is one of the great joys we experience every year at IFCS,” said Sandra Blythe-Perry, Integrated Family Community Services Executive Director. “I’m so thankful to our many volunteers and donors who make it possible for us to give these students everything they need to flourish.

This program is just one of the many ways IFCS works to help South Metro Denver residents in need. From Englewood to Bennett, IFCS serves a large geographic area and diverse population base.

Our families in need are grateful for all the support donors and volunteers provide. Here is what they had to say about the program:

  • Thank you for the personal note about fourth grade…it was very nice of you top write it! – Elementary Girl
  • Thank you ssssoooo much! It was very evident that a lot of thought went into what you included in my son’s backpack. He loved it all! – Makaio, Single Mother
  • I loved everything you got me. I am so excited to start Kindergarten. I am so thankful. – Six Year old Boy
  • The backpack that you give me is the favorite I’ve ever had! – Fourth Grade Boy
  • Our children are so excited – it is like Christmas before school! – Grateful Family
  • It’s great to have the correct tools to start school – Middle School Girl
  • …you so graciously helped out family during this time of need. – Disabled Mother
  • Binders are my most favorite school supply xxxooo – Excited Fifth Grader
  • Thanks for the backpack – it’s so cool! I can easily carry all my books around. – Future leader
  • The clothes you got me are very adorable. You are a very generous person. – Fourth Grade Girl
  • You give new meaning to the word “thoughtful” – Fourth Grade Boy
  • Thanks you for giving me a backpack. I really “apriesheatet” and I am very excited – Micah
  • I loved my backpack – it is so cute and bright. I look forward to growing into it – Erika
  • You helped me start the school year out right, I am so grateful! – Sixth Grade Boy
  • I hope that you guys put a smile on every kids face because you definitely put on me!!  – Sixth Grade Girl
  • As a mother, my heart is so full – and thankful that you were so generous and thoughtful. We’ll be reminded of your gifts all year long. – Mom of a third grader
  • …seeing your kindness gives me courage to push on and someday pay it forward – A very grateful mom

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