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Real Renovations: Ideas to Give That Old Kitchen a Facelift

When homeowners consider real renovations, the kitchen is usually first on the list. To get the most return on your investment, and to give your old kitchen a facelift that will offer exceptional value, there are three projects that will guarantee results.

Flooring will help to transform any room in the house, including the kitchen. When tired vinyl flooring or adhesive tile has your kitchen looking flat, modern laminate floors offer the perfect solution for a total transformation.

Innovations in laminate flooring offer homeowners the ability to replicate any traditional flooring material at a fraction of the cost. Aside from being an affordable alternative, laminates provide a durable and long-lasting floor that will withstand high-traffic and consistent wear and tear. In situations where older flooring seems impossible to remove, most laminate brands can easily be installed directly on top of any secure and level surface.

Cabinet Re-facing
When existing kitchen cabinets have a solid structure, replacing doors and drawer faces is the most effective way to give an older kitchen a complete facelift. According to Golden Windows Ltd this is especially effective when the existing cabinet configuration already fits perfectly with the new kitchen design of London doors or Tyrolean paneling.
Cabinet re-facing involves removing the existing doors, drawer faces, and associated hardware. Once the old cabinet structure has been plumbed and refinished, new doors, drawer faces, and hardware are installed. This method of renovation allows homeowners a wide selection of custom door options for their new kitchen facelift, and can be used for cabinets in islands and underneath kitchen countertops.

Countertop Finishes
Next to cabinets, countertops are the first thing that people tend to focus on when entering the kitchen. Replacing old drab laminates with tile will breathe new life into any kitchen space. This is the perfect time to incorporate decorative backsplashes to replace more traditional design elements.
Concrete countertops are also a popular design option when giving an older kitchen a facelift. Color and texture options are almost limitless, and poured concrete countertops can be molded into shapes that would be difficult to accomplish with traditional, solid countertop options.

The Overall Design
It goes without saying that a successful kitchen facelift will take every design element into consideration. From sinks and fixtures, to lighting, trim, and even ceiling design, every square inch of a kitchen remodel will have an effect on the overall design.

Depending on your personal taste, a kitchen renovation doesn’t necessarily mean a more modern look and feel. As long as fixtures are up-to-date and the kitchen space is functional, a facelift could even mean turning back the clocks for that retro look and feel. Choose what feels right for your home and your wallet.

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