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Reason for the Season: 4 Ways to Create Christmas Spirit

If you’re feeling a little like Scrooge this season and want to get more in the Christmas Spirit, then you may need some guidance to get started. While you can head to the mall to work on your Christmas list, stop for a minute to remind yourself that this season should also be about spending time with the people you love the most. Here are a few easy and affordable ways to add Christmas cheer to your home and start getting in the Spirit.

Let the Kids Help

Whether your kids are very young or are getting ready to spread their wings and fly, let them help with the Christmas trees and ornaments this year. The decorations may not meet your high standards, but your kids will take pride in knowing that they helped with the process. You can also start a new tradition by adding a special ornament to the tree each year. When you unpack the commemorative ornaments in the future, you can take the time to reminisce and think: “This was our first Christmas ornament” for years to come.

Get Baking

The great thing about baking during the holidays is that you don’t have to consume all the calories. In fact, you’ll spread more cheer if you share the goodies with friends and family members. Schedule a day to get together with your sister and whip up your grandmother’s famous fudge, or give your little one a rolling pin and let him help you make cutout cookies.

Give to Others

Nothing spreads cheer like helping others. When you walk past a bell ringer, drop some change in the bucket. You might not notice, but those pennies and dimes add up. As you’re shopping for your children, pick up a small toy for the donation bin at the front of the store. Your gift will remind a needy child that people are good and care about them. Talk to the food pantry at your church to see what they need. Often, it’s not the food that’s running in short supply, but it’s toiletries and other necessities that food stamps won’t pay for.

Thank Service People

Every time you’re in a store, tell the cashier thank you. They’re dealing with short-tempered people this time of year, and you can make a difference by wishing them a great day. If you’ve been pleased with your mail carrier and garbage men this year, then leave them a little “Thank You note” during the holidays. You can also give little gifts to your secretaries, your kids’ teachers, and even your dog walker to let other people know that you’re thinking of them.

Show the people you love that you care by including them in the holiday decorating and festivities. You’ll bond with your kids, and you’ll brighten someone’s day. As you work to spread the cheer, you’ll find yourself feeling less like Scrooge as you enjoy the holiday.

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