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Right Responsibility: How to Teach Kids Good Hygiene

Children are tender human beings with vulnerable immune systems, and these systems are often exposed to the lax hygiene habits of others. Encouraging your child to have good grooming habits is the first step towards preventing too many sick days, and a miserable kid. Young people learn everything from their parent and sibling examples and hygiene is no exception. Learn about what you can do to teach your children good hygiene routines and how to prevent the worst diseases.

Make Washing Part of the Daily Routine
Let your children know that they should wash their hands on a regular basis, and this means multiple times a day. Some examples of when hands need to be washed include after using the bathroom, petting an animal, and taking out the trash. Hands should also be cleansed before every meal, and before bedtime. Keep in mind that although hand sanitizing solutions have their own benefits, it is best to stick with a bar of soap and water when possible. Ensure your kids become used to the routine of washing their hands. You might even have them repeat the alphabet while washing to get a proper cleaning done, as this will fight against infection and make for happier children.

Teach children that showering and bathing should also be a part of the daily routine. Although washing hair might be able to wait a day, cleaning the body itself is of the utmost importance.

Discuss the Importance of Teeth

Every child wants a pearly white smile after the last loose tooth is gone. Show kids that the perfect smile is achievable by brushing twice a day and with regular visits to the dentist. As Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic says, dentists play an important role in teaching hygiene to children as they are the best instructors on flossing and brushing. Plus, Coquitlam Port dentists almost always give out fun goody bags filled with quality toothbrushes, floss packages and sometimes even flavored toothpaste to excite kids about learning to care for their own mouths.

Only You Can Show Them How Hygiene Is Done
Perhaps one of the most important actions you can take to instill good hygiene in kids is setting the example. Along with talking to your child about decent grooming habits, showcase how it is done by letting them watch your flawless flossing routine, or even just taking them step-by-step on how to shampoo their hair. When they know how and why they must do these things, the habits will develop more smoothly.

Children are highly impressionable, and as long as you follow all of these guidelines with lots of love in your heart, the kids are certain to learn good hygiene in no time.

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