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Safe and Spooky: 5 Halloween Tips for Kids

safe-and-spooky-5-halloween-tips-for-kidsHalloween is a time for fun and games, but it can also be a little scary and even dangerous. The good news is that you don’t have to worry constantly about your kids because there are steps you can take to keep everyone happy and safe. Here’s what you need to know about making the most of this holiday while ensuring that your will stay out of harm’s way.

Keep It Light and Bright

Halloween is tied in closely with death, but you don’t have to embrace a scary holiday. If your kids are very young, then the frightening costumes may just leave them afraid and take the fun out of the holiday. You can focus on fun and whimsical decorations to keep your yard festive without upsetting the little ones. Add some colorful rope lights around the front door or windows to make the home a little spooky without going overboard.

Safe Trick or Treating

You know the importance of only visiting homes with a porch light on, and every piece of candy should be checked. However, you also need to ensure that your own property is ready for visitors. Go through the yard and ensure that all toys, gardening tools, and bits of branches are picked up. Light the pathway up your driveway with humorous light-up pumpkins or other markers. Keep your pets safely restrained so they won’t scare the visitors or harm themselves in the excitement.

Masks complete the costume, but they also make it hard for kids to see. Whenever possible, go with face paint instead. Check the legs of the costume to be sure that your child won’t trip. You can also use an app to help track older kids who prefer to go out on their own. If kids are taking a cell phone with them, tell them to keep the device in a pocket so that they’ll focus on where they’re walking.

Fill up Before the Candy Arrives

An after-hours upset stomach can pull the joy out of the day, so make sure that your child eats a healthy dinner before going around the neighborhood. If your child’s not starving, then it will be easier to get the candy put away before your son or daughter eats too much of it. In the weeks following Halloween, you can monitor the sweets consumption by only putting out a small amount of candy at a time.

Remember the Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween decorations like carved pumpkins typically feature live candles, and that increases the risk of fire. When choosing costumes, look for textiles that are labeled fire retardant. Around your own home, forego in the live flames in favor of flickering LED lights that will burn longer while minimizing the risk of accidents. If you choose to go with traditional candles, then be sure that they’re well out of travel areas and placed on stable platforms that aren’t likely to fall over. This is also the time of year when heaters are turned on across the country, so be sure that all decorations are well away from any heat sources.

You can keep your family healthy and safe this year with a little care and planning. Ensure that the holiday focuses on treats rather than tricks by choosing the right costumes and decorations for everyone’s comfort level, regardless of whether your child wants Batman character costumes or to be a Disney princess. Ensure that the little ones are safe during trick-or-treating, and reduce the fire hazard risk around your own home. In the end, you’ll spend more time enjoying the holiday and less time having to deal with accidents.

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