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Safe Driving For Teens: What Parents Can Do To Enforce Driving Rules

As a parent, one of the most frightening things you will do is allow your teen to drive off without you. To make sure they stay as safe as possible, you should frequently, convincingly remind them of your safe driving rules.

Be an Example

The best way to do this is to model safe driving behavior. Be courteous to other drivers. Don’t drive aggressively. Move to the right hand lane so faster vehicles can pass instead of tapping your breaks or decreasing speed. Also, be respectful to police officers and other drivers by slowing down if someone is stopped on the shoulder.

Emphasize the Importance of Traffic Signs

As you drive, discuss the various road signs you encounter. More than likely, these are the same signs your teen will pass by and choose to follow each day. Discuss what they mean, and why they were placed in that location. For example, signs indicating a large bend in the road are placed far enough ahead that you can apply your breaks and decrease speed in a safe manner.

Talk About Consequences

Many unsafe driving activities have direct consequences. Even if your teen feels she may not get into an accident, she will understand the punishment that follows an action. Outline the discipline she will receive from you, the police officer, and even the insurance company. Discussing these facts upfront will allow her to make better decisions when the time arises.

Educate Your Teen

Many teens feel they are capable of multitasking while in a vehicle, especially when it comes to texting. However, it has been proven over and over that people are not capable of combining these two tasks. Instead of arguing this point with your teen, show them statistics and images of crashes due to texting while driving. Our teens are multimedia driven, and while graphic, videos and images get the point across.

Highlight the Dangers

One of the biggest and scariest temptations facing teens is to drive while under the influence or to get into a car with someone under the influence. Teens should be shown just how dangerous this choice could be. Driving while under the influence can result in jail time and fines, according to Columbus DUI lawyers. Many organizations exist to educate drivers of the risk. If possible, contact one of these organizations and ask to talk with someone whom a driver under the influence has affected.

This time is a huge step in trust for parents. However, with the proper education and understanding, teens can be trusted to make the right choices.

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